The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

Workout Date:





Bling, Lombardi, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

A quick look on the Q sheet Tuesday morning showed that this mornings Q was wide open, (HINT NEXT WEDNESDAY IS OPEN ALSO). So YHC put out the notice that I would take the Q for today and to bring sandbags and rucks.

3 pax arrived braved the subarctic temperatures this morning and showed up to the AO. Lucy Day (YHC), Dusty Bottoms (Bling), Ned Nederlander (Lombardi) started layering up and waiting for any last minute stragglers.

Years ago I was told that the two best abilities you can have is availability and adaptability. I already showed my availability by being out here in 29° weather, now it was time for my adaptability. Not having the numbers I needed for the beatdown that I had planned, I made the decision to just leave the sandbags in the cars and we would just wonder around the AO lost for an hour and half.

We rucked 4.5 miles at a very easy fellowship pace. Had great discussions on  HOA rules and regulations when it came to parking. Lot layout and house prices, and how to get money to pay for college.

We got back to the AO where YHC closed the workout with BOM and prayer and we all retreated to warmer temperatures.


Free to bleed blood drive: Friday February 4th.

Prayer Requests:

Geppetto (Blings brother in-law) lost both his parents last night. Prays for him and the surviving family members

Prayers for pax raising soon to be teenage, teenage and soon to be adult 2.0’s.

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