The Thrill of Victory & the Agony of de Feet

The Thrill of Victory & the Agony of de Feet

Workout Date:



Quaker, Hamburglar


Quaker, Hamburglar

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 64 degrees, dry until the last 3 miles then rain

PAX: Hamburglar, Quaker (YHC)

It’s been a busy 3 days for the beginning of 2021. January 1st found 5 PAX enjoying a late start (6:30 am) Village beatdown relocated to 65th Beach Access followed by our 1st official PolarPax Plunge. January 2 found 36 PAX converge at BombSquad for the AO’s 5th Anniversary. The Beatdown was Q’d by past & present BS AOQs and squeezed so much pain into the 1 hour that it surely will not be forgotten for another 5 years!! And if those 2 days back to back were not enough, a few Hulkamaniacs laid out plans for a long run on Sunday.

After the New Years Day plunge, Hamburglar told YHC that he was in the mood for a long run on Sunday. We haven’t done over 10 miles since last month, so YHC made a HC right then and there. After the 5 year Anniversary, Spork & his M supplied Donuts and Coffee for an onsite Coffeteria as the PAX stuck around for some well deserved fellowship. During Coffeteria, Skid Kong also committed to a long run, too. As we discussed the potentially wet conditions for our Sunday run, Flash expressed an interest in joining us, too.

4 HCs by Saturday morning was a good core group, and when the call went out the rest of the PAX later in that afternoon we might be able to pick up a couple of more PAX. Sunshine & Poe have been regular Sunday runners and we’ve been working on getting Runway, Rubber, & 2 Can Sam out, too! ERC is always a wildcard.

It started raining Saturday afternoon and seemed like it would never let up. Throughout the night, YHC was awakened multiple times by down pours, which only got YHC more excited about Sunday’s run. Unfortunately, I don’t think the continuous rain had the same effect on all the PAX and by 6am one PAX, whose name shall remain anonymous, informed us that he would not be able to make it. That left 3 viable runners. At 6:42, YHC made a left hand turn on to Frontage Road right behind Hamburglar in The Shark. We arrived simultaneously at the Hulk but unfortunately found a vacant lot. So far it appeared that there were 2 victories for Hulkamania and at least 2 defeats by the Sandman & the rain

Hamburglar & YHC stepped out of our respective vehicles cranked up the tunes and started our Strava. 2 minutes passed and no one else arrived, so off we went, energized by the accountability & the comradery. Oh yeah, the rain stopped moments before we stepped out into the Gloom exactly as planned!!


Frontage Rd to Bob Bell Run Path. Up and over the bridge, then take a left past the Barc Parc. As we passed the Barc Parc, we entered the Parking Lot of the YMCA and cut across the lot to Marina Parkway. We then turned left on Marina Parkway as it merged into the Wild Iris Drive.

We continued to run south on Wild Iris Drive for approximately 13 blocks until it intersected with 48 Avenue N. Running east on 48th Avenue N., we cross Bypass 17 then turned right onto Oleander Drive. We followed Oleander Drive south to Resort Drive across 29th Avenue N. and on into Broadway on the Beach.

We then ran through Broadway on the Beach and crossed over Lake Broadway 3 times as we continued heading east. We left Broadway on the Beach to pick up Borroughs & Chapin Blvd. Borroughs & Chapin Blvd led us across N. Oak Street to N. Kings Hwy.

We continued on N. Kings Hwy south until we reached 21st Avenue N. Once on 21st Avenue N. we proceed east to N. Ocean Blvd then started our long trek north. For the next 44 blocks we ran north on Ocean Blvd all the way to 65th Avenue N.

Around 50th Avenue, the rain finally started and remained steady for the remainder of the run. This however was a welcomed change as we pushed ourselves through the next few miles.

At 65th Avenue N., we turned left and headed west past The Village; finally turning left again on Frontage Road as it ran parallel to Bypass 17. At the light on 62nd Avenue, we crossed Bypass 17 for the home stretch back to the Hulk.

We ran west on 62nd Avenue N. to Claire Chappin Epps Drive, then onto the run path pass the YMCA and the Barc Parc. Then we turned right on to Bob Bell Run Path, up & over the Bridge and sprinted back to the Hulk parking lot from where we began exactly 2 hours before.

The Numbers: 2 PAX; 13+ Miles; 2 hours; 9:15 Average Pace; The Thrill of Victory = priceless

15 minutes of cool down/fellowship

Moleskin: It sounds crazy, but 13 miles doesn’t seem that long any more. We’ve run this distance multiple times now not because we are training for anything in particular but just because we are getting strong and better conditioned.

If you’re not a runner or you haven’t run for sometime, do yourself a favor and join the Hulkamaniacs on any given Friday or Sunday to find out how great you will feel during and after a run. If you think running is boring, then you’ve never had the pleasure of logging miles with Hamburglar. The man is never at a loss for words, has great stories to share, and is filled with wisdom and everyday insights.




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