The Village 2 Year Anniversary

The Village 2 Year Anniversary

Workout Date:



Boxcar and Texas Ranger


Sunshine, Vitamin D, Headgear, Hamburglar, Humpack, Skidmark, High Interest, Brownbag

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 50s and clear

The four members of Team BLAK (Skidmark, YHC, High Interest, and Boxcar) finally got back together for our first full reunion since the shield lock challenge ended… and of course we all forgot to text Crankbait to get him to bring the shield to the Village #SMH. We will sign it one day, most likely next year when we win the challenge!

Today was a great day for the Village though, the 2 year anniversary of the AO and where 3/4 members of Team BLAK first posted for their first F3 beatdown. Skidmark actually started on the day that the AO opened, so happy 2 year anniversary to him… rumor has it that 8 FNGs started that day and he is the only one that has stuck with it… sounds like some guys need to get on the phone and start EHing some guys to come back!

As our clowncar pulled into the AO, we saw Hamburglar already getting after it with a pre-run, word on the street is that he’s going for the full marathon in the spring… or maybe he will just run one next week. You know Hamburglar, he may just feel like running 13 miles next week and “accidentally” run 26 or something. Headgear was already in the parking lot as well. YHC went to go set up some cones on the field and when I got back to the flag, Vit D and Sunshine arrived.

1 minute warning

Disclaimer by Boxcar

+1 min – Humpback and Brownbag came in hot with music blaring as usual.

COP: by Boxcar


20 Hillbilly IC

20 Squat Air Presses IC

20 LBAC (Forward) IC

20 LBAC (Reverse) IC


Mosey to the field and partner up

Supersized DORA: YHC

2 year anniversary = 730 days give or take for the Village, so lets do 730 reps instead of the normal 600


Partner 1 – Merkins

Partner 2 – Lunge walk to a cone about 10 yards away and back

Flip/flop until the total is met and plank on the 6

Everybody on the line – Sprint to the midfield cone and back


P1 – Squats

P2 – Bearcrawl to the 10 yard cone and back

Everybody on the line – Sprint to the midfield cone and back


P1 – LBC

P2 – Mosey to the midfield cone and back

Everybody on the line – Sprint to the midfield cone and back

4 Corners: Boxcar

Boxcar quickly took over and led us to our first corner.

Corner 1 – 20 Partner plank derkins. Partner 1 planks, partner 2 puts their feet up on partner 1’s back and does 20 decline merkins. Flip flop and mosey to corner 2.

Corner 2 – 20 burpees

Corner 3 – 15 BBSU OYO

Corner 4 – 10 SSH IC

Corner 1 – 10 Hand release merkins

Corner 2 – 15 Shoulder Taps IC

Corner 3 – 20 Burpees #CrowdFavorite

Corner 4 – 25 Plank Jacks IC

Boxcar 11s:

Partners grab 1 coupon per team. Partner 1 planks, Partner 2 takes coupon down the parking lot and does 11 OH presses and brings the coupon back. Partner 1 takes the coupon down, 10 OH presses, and brings it back. Flip flop decreasing the count. According to Boxcar… #AlwaysGoSecond


10 Flutterkicks IC

10 Hello Dolly IC

10 Box Cutters IC



Count-O-Rama: 10


Announcements: Christmas party is Dec. 7th check slack for details (but $25/couple, $15 solo, babysitting on site – $25/family extra), Plantation Lakes Turkey Trot (get with Sunshine), 2nd F – CCU Football game/tailgate on Nov. 30th (check Slack for details).

Prayer Requests: Continue to pray for Cheesy Biscuit’s daughter Lydia, she was released from the hospital yesterday, but prayers for a speedy recovery are appreciated. Prayers for the Satterwhite family.

Boxcar handed off AOQ duties to YHC. Big shout to him for keeping the Q sheet filled up this past year and leading this AO. It was great to see the Village flag for the first time today, didnt know we had one! JK. I’m looking forward to this next year and trying to help make the Village and F3 Grand Strand the best that it can be!

BOM by Vitamin D


Texas Ranger

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