The vote is in…..

The vote is in…..

Workout Date:



OneCall, with a round of Bling


Bling, Valvano, OneCall

The Thang:

Cold.  34.  Real Feel of 24.  Sheesh

Hoser was out of town, so Bling and I committed to lead #WaveRucker.  Nobody is actively training for anything immediately upcoming, but we still wanted to get some good work out of our 1.5 hours out in the gloom so a basic plan was made after a vote on Slack, and it went like this:

We bundled up nice.  Layer upon layer.  Wound up Valvano had too many up top and had to strip some halfway through.  Bling had to lose his facemask, but kept the classic flannel cardigan.  YHC was just right!

We rucked down to 17 and crossed the street and came back to stop at Warbird Park (1.5 miles) for our first round of PT

Diamond Merkins x 15 OYO
Tempo Prisoner Squats x 15 IC
Up and overs x 15 OYO
Curls x 15 OYO
Flutters with ruck OH x 15 IC
Merkins x 15 OYO
Squats with surrender (learned from Weedeater yesterday) x 15 OYO
These SMOKED the legs
Shoulder Press x 15 OYO
1 armed Curls x 8 each arm
BBSU’s wtih ruck x 15 OYO
Incline Merkins x 15 OYO
Bulgarian Split Squats x 1o each leg OYO
Up and overs with a tricep extension x 15 OYO
Negative Curl x 1o count, 10 upright rows, Negative Curl x 1o count,
LBC’s wtih ruck x 15 IC

Ruck to parking deck.  Bling time
Rucks on front
Wall sit forever (he seems to nap when he calls these)
Ruck hold OH – 1 level heel walk, 1 level toe walk
Shoulder burn
CDD x 20 IC
Mosey level
CDD x 20 IC
Backwards mosey up next level
25 Calf Raises
Run down the stairs
25 Calf Raises
Mosey to the entrance of the parking deck

Ruck to picnic tables
15 dips
15 Right leg step ups
15 dips
15 Left leg step ups

Ruck to start
Right at 4 miles total

We finished with a 3 man BOM and COT and prayed for families and the holidays and travel and NO family drama!  Or if (when) it comes, that the Spirit is able to be in each of us to lead as we should!!!


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