The Weak in Review OR The Week in Review – You Decide

The Weak in Review OR The Week in Review – You Decide

Workout Date:





Viagra, Hefty (DR from Carey); Bueller (DR from Augusta); Blue Print (DR from Apex); Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: TimeShare

Conditions: Upper 70’s, mild, chance of rain

YHC didn’t plan it but it happened anyways! This was the 7 day of beatdowns in a row. Each day that YHC thought he would take a rest day, he was informed that he was on Q! Today was no other. After suffering through a great beatdown by Disconnect on BIG Monday at BombSquad, YHC told himself that he could take Tuesday off to recover. Within an hour, YHC sees a tweet from Brown Bag stated that there are some great Q’s lined up for the day and there are no bad choices on where to attend! This piqued my interest so I check out who was on Q and lo and behold someone signed YHC up the Q at TimeShare. So I guess I’ll recover some other day. YHC had no problem coming up with a theme. I would merely pull the best parts of the past 6 days of pain and wrap it neatly into 7th day of pain. YHC even came up with a name: The Week in Review, then put a little twist in the title replacing ‘week with weak’. Aren’t I a cleaver boy? Needless to say there was nothing weak about this beatdown or the PAX who chose to post in the Gloom.

Start time is 5:15 at TimeShare so YHC had to hustle to arrive on time. The clouds looked like that would open up at any moment as YHC raced up 31 to my destination. I arrive at the AO with about 1 minute to spare! Hopped out the the truck said my hellos and went right into the 1 minute warning.

5:14 – 1 Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 Merkins IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC


Day #1 – Not Playing with a Full Deck

50/50 chance of guessing the correct card color

Correct guess = 5 Blocks

Incorrect guess = 10 Blocks

Joker = 10 Burpees

We had 1 correct guess = 5 Blockees

We had 3 incorrect guesses = 30 Blockees

We had 1 joker = 10 Burpees

Total Blockees = 35

Total Burpees = 10

Day #2 – Hope you read the “We The People” BackBlast

Each PAX need to name 2 of the 13 Colonies until all were named

Correct answer = 5 Burpees

Incorrect answer = 10 Burpees

Joker = 10 Burpees

When we answered the 1st ten then it was single count for the remaining 3 colonies

8 correct answers = 40 Burpees (first 5 answers were for 2 colonies = 10; last 3 answers were for single colonies = 3 . .  .  5 answers + 3 answers = 8 total correct answers)

1 Incorrect answer – Massachusetts was answered twice = 10

Total Burpees = 50

NOTE: some time during this session Hefty stated that a burpee workout is considered a ‘lazy Q’ in his neck of the woods. He said this because he was under the false belief that YHC did not Q the Burpee Trivia, however, he got a little flush when I let him know that I indeed was responsible for the 238 Burpees of Pain administered that day! We all had a good laugh!! Then it was back to business

Day #3 – Elite Friday – Crazy 8’s

PAX lined up with their coupons on the north end of the Shovel Flag Lot and did 8 Thrusters then mosey’d 3 parking lines and did 8 more thrusters until we reached the south end of the parking lot.

YHC asked for a Seven Count (7/7) – PAX noted they never heard this before, but were more than happy to participate.

Return trip of Crazy 8’s to the north end of the parking lot.

Total Thrusters = 80

Day #4 – Rousey Independence Day Redux

  1. 6 Blockees
  2. 20 Crunches
  3. 15 Merkins
  4. 15 block Squats
  5. 15 4-ct. Flutter Kicks w/ #coupon press
  6. 15 Jump Squats (w/ 2 hands touching the ground before ea. jump)
  7. 40 Yard Bearcrawl
  8. 15 Kettle Bell swings w/ paver stone
  9. 300M Run

Day #5 – I want to Ride my Bicycle, Bicycle

30 Freddy Mercury’s IC

Bonus Question to all PAX – How many miles did YHC ride on Sunday . . . Blue Print jumped right in with the correct answer: 30 miles

1 Burpee for the correct answer (if PAX answered wrong it would have been 10 burpees for each wrong answer)

Day #6 – Disconnected 7’s

6 overhead coupon Squat  . . . mosey 20 yrds . . .then 1 alternating block merkin. . . mosey to the start

5 overhead coupon Squat  . . . mosey 20 yrds . . .then 2 alternating block merkin. . . mosey to the start

4 overhead coupon Squat  . . . mosey 20 yrds . . .then 3 alternating block merkin. . . mosey to the start

3 overhead coupon Squat  . . . mosey 20 yrds . . .then 4 alternating block merkin. . . mosey to the start

2 overhead coupon Squat  . . . mosey 20 yrds . . .then 5 alternating block merkin. . . mosey to the start

1 overhead coupon Squat  . . . mosey 20 yrds . . .then 6 alternating block merkin. . . mosey to the start

Mosey to center of parking lot and circle-up

Day #7 (Today) – PAX Choice

Viagra – 15 American Hammers

Hefty – 10 Dr. W – these were a real #crowdplease and need to be incorporated into every WO

Bueller – 15 Flutterkicks IC

6:00 – Time Called

Announcements: Dragboat Cancelled ; get on Q sheet, TimeShare would love to see you up north. If you haven’t Q at TimeShare it is time to step up and lead!

Prayers: General and Unspoken

Moleskin: YHC always enjoys Qing at Timeshare, the locals are great and very appreciative of the pain delivered and there is always a few DR PAX who never shy away from a good ol’ beatdown during their vacations. It was an honor to lead this morning! It was great seeing Hefty again, and meeting Bueller & Blue Print (I think we may have met once before)

NOTE: this was stout bunch and there were no weak links. We pushed each other hard this a.m. Thank you for the accountability.




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