This is my Block and there’s no other like it!

This is my Block and there’s no other like it!

Workout Date:





Brown bag (Grandstrand Nantan), first base, Slaughter (F3Nation Nantan), Crabs, Skimmer (R), Sprinkles, Hedgehog, Bikini Wax, Laces, Killington, Hojo, Candycane, Humpback, Pikachu (QIC)

The Thang:

My monthly Q at Catapult. The place that will always be home no matter what AO I attend. The place that has rehabilitated my back to the point in at today. Judgement free, true you vs you AO and TBH, we were all about picking up the Six before it was actually a thing. Oh how this AO has grown in just three years. O’douls (current AOQ) and me former AOQ had a plan for catapult. A two year plan, and well I won’t give away all out secrets, haha. Let’s just say we put a plan into action and followed through, and here we are. From year one with an average of 3-4 pax at a workout to our current phase, 10-15 pax at a workout.  What a transformation and proud to be part of Stage 1 as O’douls and I called it. The day before F3Nation Nantan asked which AO is the place to land. Thanks to First base sending me the tweet I jumped all over it. If you come hungry m, Catapult will feed you and you’ll leave full and a better man for it. Was the gist of my response, and well that’s a hard offer to refuse and got a HC. Catapult guys were stoked and HC were rolling in on the groups chats. Heck yeah, this is going to be great! I got the the AO early for some miles but only got 1.5 because my dog had different ideas, and Brownbag was just coming in hot for his extra work. Good job men!

1 Minute warning

Proper mission statement, Proper disclaimer


15 EA, Harry Rockets, TS, IW, 22 Merkins IC, 15EA, HB, LBACF,R, Seal Claps, 20 SSH

Mosey to block pile and off to Big Parking lot. Made everyone carry a block full knowing I was going to have everyone partner up.

4 Rounds AMRAP, Left arm lat pull with block, switch arms each round. P2 Run to end of parking lot. Tho will be a constant in the workout. We did 1.5 miles today in the workout.

100 Block Raise, sit on ground, block on lap and raise it up. P2 Run

150 Sandhumpers basically a horizontal monkey jumper, P2 Run

200 Curls, close grip turn block short way. P2 Run

Quick break for our Nantan to plug Freed to Bleed.

100 Two block squats. Block in each hand feet close together, P2 Run

100 Bus Drivers, P2 Run.

Ran out of time, didn’t get to do my special events. Oh well.

Mosey blocks back to pile, and circle up


Count-o-Rama 14


Announcements, Spartan this weekend, Freed to bleed July 16. GET SIGNED UP! Sasquatch see Hambuglar or Quaker.


YHC prayed us out.


For me it was super exciting to workout and have a little chatter with Slaughter. I feel like it doesn’t get any better than that for a workout. I did my best to make him feel welcome and the love and bond the catapult men have. We’ve got a strong accepting group of amazing men and I do hope that was received. Honored to lead today and definitely a highlight moment for the Catapult crew. Thanks for the boost for these men Slaughter! They loved it!





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