This Is My Block, There Are Many Like It…

This Is My Block, There Are Many Like It…

Workout Date:





Killington, Flatliner, Sideout (R), Skimmer (R), First Base (AOQ), Pikachu, Judge Judy, Crabs, Hedgehog (Q)

The Thang:

Rolled in to the AO around 5:10 and there were already some pre-runners (Pikachu and maybe Judge Judy?) as well as Flatliner doing some dipsy do’s and dispy dont’s as he warmed up. Coming in right behind me, about 7 minutes earlier than he normally arrives, was Killington. Apparently all you have to do is voluntell him to take the flag at the prior Beatdown and he shows up early!

Due to work, I haven’t posted since my last Q, but nevertheless nailed the 1 minute warning, disclaimer, and mission statement and then we got started.

COP (x15 IC): Hairy Rockettes, TTT, Tempo Squat, Hillbillies, LBAC (F&R) [realized my deordorant didn’t really work], Cherry Pickers

Mosey to first line at Big Parking Lot

Instructed PAX that we will do 3 Merkins at each lot line and then Bear Crawl to next line and repeat across the whole parking lot. If you get tired, switch to 5 squats and lunge walk between lines, pickup 6 when finished. I was impressed with the # that made it all the way doing bear crawl / merkins… great work! Killington crapped his pants during his last set of squats.

Mosey to Block Pile

This is my block. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My block is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my block is useless. Without my block, I am useless…

The Tuesday beatdown was sans blocks, so I decided to reacquaint everyone with them. We grabbed a block and went over to the corner of the parking lot. I instructed the PAX that for this part of the beatdown the block was not to be placed on the ground. If it hit the ground, all other PAX had to do 5 blockees while they counted the cadence. We started with 30 curls OYO and then took a tour of the AO:

1st stop was the flag where we did 30 OH Presses OYO.

2nd stop was the corner where we did 30 goblet squats with the block.

3rd stop was the cross where we did 30 step ups with the block. PAX choice of curb or paver wall around cross (2 count).

4th stop was the start of the big lot where we did 30 bent over rows.

5th stop was the corner of big lot where we did 30 triceps extensions.

6th stop was the entrance to baseball fields where we did 30 flutter kicks (single count).

7th stop was the bleachers where we did 30 weighted dips (with block on lap). Killington crapped his pants again…

8th stop was the sidewalk on back side of church where we did 20 incline merkins with the block on the curb.

9th and final stop was the starting point where we did 30 more curls and then racked the blocks.

Although Pikachu was tempted to drop the block, he decided that this morning he wasn’t going to be an angry elf until after 6am. No blockees were performed.

We then got into groups of 3 for a MARY / Mosey good time. We used the lot lines along the flag, one PAX started at the 4th line (from the block pile) another PAX went down to the last line. They started with LBCs and the third PAX in each group moseyed down to relieve the PAX at the last line. That PAX then moseyed back down to starting point and relieved the PAX there who moseyed back down to the last line where they relieved that PAX. We repeated this for about 10 minutes and performed LBCs, Hello Dollys, American Hammers, and Big Boys. I randomly called the next exercise. Killington crapped his pants again.

We circled up to stretch OYO.

Time Called.

Count-A-Rama: 9 PAX


Announcements: I have man titties, Freed to Bleed is September 23rd, 2nd F happy hour at Rip Tydz in 2 weeks, check Slack for other updates.

Prayers: Brooks Family, Unspoken, Kids as they head back to school.

Always an honor to lead this fun group at Catapult.