Thor ain’t got nothing on Waverucker…..

Thor ain’t got nothing on Waverucker…..

Workout Date:





One Call, Valvano, Lombardi, Hoser, Disconnect

The Thang:

Star Date- 2/26/20.  T minus 12 days until our “mini Star course” known as the MB Marathon.  A 26.2 mile ruck, in under 6.5 hours!

Valvano put us thru a tough, fast paced trek Monday with Elevation in order to get us better prepared.  I took those notes and created a Q for Waverucker that really pushed us hard to make our timing.  OC picked me up in his monster truck and we made our way to AO-  hoping the rain would hold off for 2 hours!  wishful thinking!!  61 degrees- perfect temp to push.  here we go

all accounted for- gave the gents a general overview.  we will go fast pace, with a little PT.  Ruck up and lets go.

walk to Forbus, mosey to the end-  this should have woken up the joints!  keep up pace as we hit the Avenger path thru the woods.  Turn right off the path and onto the road behind the airport (this is our standard 2.7 mile loop we’ve created in the last 2-3 years in case you are not aware)

another 30-40 second mosey to the end of road-turn right back towards market Commons.  Another 40 second mosey to the private air terminal and ruck to the small oval near the police station.  Rucks off, partner up.

#1- mosey around the oval (about 200-250 meters in total)

#2- 200 SSH in total as a team

Round 2

#1- mosey

#2- 100 jump squats total as a team

1 minute to drink/rest- back to our fast pace as we make our way into MC and the parking deck.  Rucks off in the stairwell.

3 rounds on the stairs.  every step, skip a step, every step for 3 quick rounds with no break.  We finished at -0520, 5 minutes over time.  We would now go in reverse for the route, completing everything we just did.  But being 5 minutes behind, and with a time hac of 0600 finish, we had to modify……but only slightly!

down to 100 SSH and 50 jump squats at the oval- hoping this would save 2-3. minutes.  we had to suck it up and make it back to the AO quicker than before.  Great work by all here!  I was hoping it was my push and leadership that helped move the team- but the sudden downpour and lightning really got us moving!!  by the time we made it onto the Avenger path, we were soaked, moving quicker, and scared!

Someone needs to check- but I am sure we conducted the 1st ever “moving COT” halfway thru the path!  Went over announcements while ducking lightning strikes, then prayed us out while pushing us to the end!  Thank you Hoser for telling me to put my arms down while praying to avoid the lightning strikes from the God of Thunder!!

Valvano said we made it back to the AO at 0557- 3 minutes ahead of pace, as we moseyed the entire Forbus again.  Great work dudes!!  We were moving fast today and appreciate the effort from all.  5.92 miles in 1:28 total (with the PT). This was a push for everyone.


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