Three Alarm Fire at The Village

Three Alarm Fire at The Village

Workout Date:





Desert Reign, Hot Tub, Marsha, Skidmark, Barkley (FNG, Bob Powell, Respect), Kitten, High Interest

The Thang:

Conditions:  Getting Colder!! Clear and cool (36 deg) on the truck thermometer.  Rolling in a little early to get my Q on and low and behold, as he had stated was Kitten running down the frontage road coming from the Hulk.  Pax were arriving as well as FNG Bob Powell age 61 invited by relative newbie Skidmark (HIM, ISI).  Gotta love the new guys getting FNGs early.  Hoping the numbers at the new AO catch some momentum.  Eight PAX finally arrive by ……

1 Min Warning

Disclaimer given:

Capri lap (just incase late comer, as if they could find us in this dark gloom.)
22 Merkins OYO
Mountain Climber 20 IC
Windmill 20 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles 15 IC
Recited the mission of F3
Reverse 15 IC
Recited the 5 core principles
Over Head Claps 15 IC

Mosey to b-ball court
Alarm 1 (arm,leg,abs,”r” exercise, “m” ex): 30 reps :Carolina dry docks, lunges, LBC, Run across fields and back, Merkins

Indian Run around AO parking lots back to court

Alarm 2 : 20 reps; alt shoulder taps IC, jump squats, Peter Parkers, ranger merlons (Hands at ribs), Makhtar N’Diayes

Indian Run around AO parking lots back to court

Alarm 3: 10 reps; burpees, star jumps, mountain climbers, rockette hillbillies, monkey jumpers.

Mosey to soccer fields where two cones at 100 yds were set.

Wilt Chamberlains (Modified d/t time): run from cone 1 to 2 50 LBC, run, 50 squats

Mosey back to flag
Flutter kicks 30 IC


Moleskin: Barkley (respect) kept up well with all the other PAX.  Great to see him out.  Great to spend time with him and other s after the Q to explain details of this F3 thing that I have to really come thrive on!


Typical announcements: Christmas Party, Timeshare T-Shirt order, Ugly Sweater coming up

Prayer requests for Marsha’s brother Case

YHC prayed us out. Honor to lead! #ISI

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