Three’s Company

Three’s Company

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Jeter, Squirt, Pikachu QIC Co 3rd FQ

The Thang:

Today was my 21st Q since thenAO challenge started. I didn’t count the Co Q with Candycane just my Q’s so tomorrow is lining up to be #22. Perfect way to end the Q craze I Pulled into the AO and 5:10 and no one around. How could this be, it was like 30 degree warmer than my last trip to Warthog.  I thought I would be solo today. Squirt pulled in and at the last minute Jeter pulled in. I had to completely change my plan since numbers were so low but hey we made it work. 

AO Warthog

Conditions 36 and way warmer than Saturday

One Minute


Warmup 15 Ea IC Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 10 Ea LBACF, LBACR, SSH

Mosey to Valor Park to find a step up location. Right out the gate the step up location was a bit high. Jeter would need a step ladder just to reach the top.

  1. 21 steps up
  2. 21 incline merkins
  3. 21 steps ups
  4. 21 Decline merkins
  5. 21 step ups 
  6. 21 Tricep dips
  7. 21 steps ups
  8. 21 merkins

Mosey to the Parking Garage

  1. Set of 11 with Snow angels and 4 Ct flutters. Mosey up the parking garage to the second level.
  2. Crab walk up stairs 50 balboas
  3. Crab walk down stairs 50 Balboas

Mosey back to the AO




Announcements Jeter has meet his financial goal for Over the edge which benefits New Directions

Prayers Traveling and My mom.