Thrown to the Wolves

Thrown to the Wolves

Workout Date:



Pikachu, Single Barrel


Boxcar, Single Barrel (Co Q),Kiwi (Respect), High Interest, Sawdust, Throwboy (Kotter?), Little Cesar (Kotter?), E8 (FNG), Rocky Top, Cobra (FNG), Skidmark, Texas Ranger, Patdown (Kotter), Handymanny (Kotter), Pikachu (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions 68 and awesome once again

Showed up to the parking lot and it was full. I was surprised and didn’t expect a large crowd today. Figured we’d be back to our 5-6 guys. High Interest asked who was on Q as Twitter said Special Co Q. Told him what was happening as Single Barrel was being throw to the wolves. In fairness to Single Barrel I did give him fair warning as to what was happening. This is the last week of Shieldlock and Catapult has been a popular destination for Kotters and FNGs for an F3 introduction and ease back into the workouts. But don’t confuse Catapult with easy, modification is what we do. Shieldlock seems to be working to bring guys back out, but what is more important in my mind is longevity of the returning Kotters and FNGs. I want to see how this really increases our AO numbers and hopefully not just a points exercise for teams. Excellent effort by everyone to get FNGs and Kotters. Thanks to all for the amazing efforts

Anyway, talked with Rousey (our AO leader at catapult) the night before and he wanted to get Single Barrel to be part of the Q for Thursday. Single Barrel has successfully dodged any part of a VQ for sometime now and well, time to throw him into the fire and see what happens. Sink or Swim time. Rousey wanted one of the Catapult regulars to start the workout and hand off to Single Barrel and that’s exactly what I did.

One Minute Warning

Proper F3 Disclaimer

COP: SSH 20 IC, IW 20 IC, TTT 20 IC, HB 20 IC, LBAC F,R, OHC, Seal claps 80 total IC.

Mosey to the Coupon pile and off to the large parking lot.

Pikachu: Quick set of sevens to give single barrel time to think about what he wants to do.

Australian Snow Angels and Upright Rows were used to complete the sevens. Explained to new PAX, Kotters what sevens were and how to complete. Told Single Barrel once again after the sevens, the workout was his. Single barrel asked what does that exactly mean pikachu. It means you are in charge and do what you want. He wanted to delegate and give to someone else. Sure you can, if that’s what you want to do SB

But much to my surprise Single Barrel brought in an idea with an attempt to never allow him to Q or Co Q again. High Interest told him to get on the Q sheet.

Single Barrel,

High Intensity Training

1) Brown eye to the Sky x 10 reps (completed 3 Rounds) but first hold six inches for a rest. Idea is to complete the reps as fast as possible. Breaks are not easy either. (Three rounds)

2) Flutter Kicks x 10 reps, again hold six inches for a break and complete as fast as possible. (Three. Rounds)

3) Freddie Mercuries x 10 rep again hold six inches for a break and complete as fast as possible. (Three. Rounds)

4) Explosive Merkins x 10 Hold Plank position for rest, then explode up on the Merlin warring out the upper body. (Three Rounds)

Great Job Single Barrel!

Almost 6 am, return the coupons and circle up for some ab Workout and have enough time to name two FNGs.

I set a 15 max and requested all exercises be done in Cadence!

Pikachu, Crunchy Frog 15 IC,

High Interest, Hello Dolly 15 IC,

Kiwi BBSU 15 OYO, Missed the IC memo I guess, but hard to do IC.

Texas Ranger, LBC 15 IC

Boxcar Monkey Humpers 15 IC

Handymanny, Plank Jack 15 IC

Rocky top, 15 Crab Humpers 15 On his Up.




Welcome E8 (CCU Baseball player) and Cobra (Child hood cool stuff) to the F3 Nation.


Christmas Party December 14 including the M’s, Mini marathon in two weeks, run or ruck, CCU Home Football game Nov 30, Hit Geno up on slack, Blackbeard T-Shirt order ends Saturday. Need six more orders. All Pro Dads Nov 3rd @ 5pm. Lost of stuff going on to get plugged into. Either by twitter or Slack.

Prayers: Unspoken.




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