Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

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Brown Bag


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The Thang:

YHC is very grateful for Quaker and Handy Manny for the introduction to F3. Today marked YHC’s 2-Year anniversary of the first post. Yup, it was at The Village on June 29, 2018, with Kitten on Q. YHC was hooked from the very beginning. 

Pulled into the AO at 0522 and ventured over to the field to set up the tunes, cones, and plant the ice-scraper, straight hoe kinda thing that YHC attached a large piece of foam-core to with the list of exercises for this morning’s beatdown. It turned out that the cones had no meaning whatsoever but, hey, it made it look more official. Got back to the shovel flag to witness what looked like Kiwi’s first time ever trying to park a car. It turned out the car would not go into Park so he was inching back and forth in his car. 

The one-minute warning was called and at 0530 the disclaimer was exclaimed and off we went.

YHC’s 2-Year Anniversary Q went like this:

15 Harry Rockets IC


15 IW IC

15 Hillbillies IC


20 LBAC in reverse IC

20 Cherry Pickers IC

20 OHP in Squat position IC


Grab a coupon and head over to the center of the field.


Circled up in Plank position for a round of Bear Crawl Ring-O-Fire while the tunes were queued up. The 1st song was appropriately, Round and Round by Ratt, and the bear crawl ring-o-fire lasted 4:26 which is precisely the length of the song. Planned or Luck?


It was now time for the main course and it went like this:


60 Burpees

80 Merkins

160 Flutters

120 Curls

80 Bent Over Rows

80 Tricep Extensions

160 LBC’s

160 Lunge Walks or modify with Squats w/Coupon

4 Laps around the soccer field or modify with Bear Crawl


All exercises were broken down into 4 sets to equal the totals. The mumble chatter was strong and the mosquitoes showed up for breakfast. Time was tight and the fourth set was modified by some. King James’s young legs smoked the PAX on the last lap.


Back to the shovel flag and on your six.


There was about 2 minutes until Time would be called so YHC led the PAX for non-stop Freddie Mercury’s right up to 0615. It turned out to be 47 four-count in cadence.




Such an honor to lead these fine men!









Prayers and Praises


YHC prayed us out.


YHC is looking forward to the next anniversary, and the next, and the next, and the next and so on and so on!


Brown Bag


Over and out

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