Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Workout Date:





Crankbait, Rubber, Brown Bag, Beefsteak, ERC, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 30 degrees, clear

As YHC ran yesterday with Hamburglar and Sitework at 6am, I remembered that I was on Q for today. Not wanting to burn myself out for the beatdown, YHC throttled back his run to a mere 6 miles as Hamburglar picked up ERC at the 7am mark and continued on for a total of 13+ miles.

Although I was thinking about the Q while running, no Q themes popped into my head. Shortly after the run, YHC took a roadtrip to USC for lunch. During the ride out and back no good ideas appeared either. Later that evening Brown Bag inquired as to the theme so that he could put together an appropriate playlist with the world-famous DJ equipment, but still I had nothing. YHC asked his fellow Shieldlock Pax for suggestions but nothing coalesced. Finally, I just asked Brown Bag to surprise us with a playlist.

Meanwhile, Beefsteak during the day hyped my Q on twitter and threw out a racing challenge between ERC & himself if 12 or more PAX posted to the beatdown. Maybe there was something in this tweet that YHC could use.

With little inspiration for a theme, YHC eventually, late in the evening, latched onto the number 12 as the theme. I thought about a donut themed workout; maybe an egg theme would work; heck we could even do a G.O.A.T./ Tom Brady themed workout but none of these felt right.  I finally settled on a Clock & Block theme.

Within minutes the Weinke was complete.

6 out of 12 Pax found their way into the Gloom this morning and this is what transpired.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 15 Windmills IC, 22 Merkins, 15 LBAC, 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

Mosey around AO (to stay warm) & finish at the Coupon Pile.

YHC instructed 2 PAX to grab 4 Cinder Blocks and 4 PAX to grab 8 Pavers. We took the coupons back to the shovel flag and arranged them into a Circle (Clock).  The Cinder Blocks were at 12 – 3 – 6 – 9 o’Clock positions. 2 Pavers were placed in between each Cinder Block to represent the other numbers on the Clock.

Mosey around the AO (to stay warm). Arrive back at the Clock. . . it was time to get serious!!


12 o’Clock & 6 o’Clock Blocks would be Blockees and were the timer

3 o’Clock & 9 o’Clock Blocks would be Thrusters

1 & 2 o’Clock were arm exercises (Curls & Triceps Extension AMRAP)

4 & 5 o’Clock were leg exercises (Block Squats & Over Head Block Lunges AMRAP

7 & 8 o’Clock were ab exercises (Flutterkicks w/ the Block & American Hammers w/ the Block AMRAP)

10 & 11 o’Clock were chest exercises (Merkins on Block & Alternating Block Merkins AMRAP)

Each PAX rotated through each number on the Clock.

Mosey around AO back to the Block Clock and return the coupons to the coupon pile.

Line up at the West end of the Shovel Flag Lot

3-2-1 Sprint 75% to the east side of the lot

3-2-1 Sprint 85% to the west side of the lot

3-2-1 Sprint 95% to the east side of the lot

3-2-1 Sprint 100% to the west side of the lot

3-2-1 Sprint 100% to the east side of the lot

3-2-1 Sprint 100% to the west side of the lot

3-2-1 slow mosey to the Shovel Flag

Mary: 20 Flutterkicks (4ct) IC; 15 Boxcutters (4ct) IC

Stretching: 5 minutes of stretching (getting better & more flexible)

Before we knew it the Beatdown was over; we all got better; & everyone not surprisingly survived the chilly temperatures!

6:00 – Time Called!

Count-o-Rama: 6


Announcements: P200 Training, GrowRuck Sign-ups; Freed to Bleed sign-ups

Prayers: Prayers for Brown Bag’s Uncle Mike & Aunt Janet (Mike is in the Hospital recovering from surgery); Prayers for Vitamin D’s friend, Kermit (recovering from open heart emergency surgery); Prayers for the men who came out in the Gloom today and all our fellow Pax who were unable to join us; Praise & Prayers for Brown Bag’s Daughter, Lydia, who has been offered a promotion but needs prayers & guidance to make the proper decision.

Moleskin: To all the PAX (Rain or Shine; Hot or Cold) – Thank you for coming out and supporting my Q. Everyone got after it! Today was a day that we may all have ‘posted for the other guy’, but that ‘other guy’ was sure glad you made the effort. Tclaps to Brown Bag for bring the Play List. There was a little something, something in it for everyone. We went from Panama to Brooklyn; said hello to Ozzy; & learned the meaning of Barracuda. Although we didn’t meet our 12 PAX quota, BeefSteak & ERC got to race each other & the rest of the Pax up & down the parking lot. Good Times!!





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