Time Flies When You’re Having FUN!

Time Flies When You’re Having FUN!

Workout Date:





Billboard, Hoser, Jingles (Respect), Geno, Franklin, Varisty, Stewie, Weed Eater, Bubbles, Flash, One Call, Bling, Lombardi, Corkscrew QIC

The Thang:

The Thang

Conditions, 72 and not much breeze

The morning started out nice as I pulled up to the AO and even though I arrived 25 mins early I see cars parked everywhere….another pre Ruck by the crazies…Lombardi, Bling, One Call, and THE Billboard, as he likes to be called now, all joined forces with Turn & Cough (who couldn’t stay) for a Ruck before workout! Geno seemed to be missing from the group and Hoser was just warming up as he was also unavailable for Ruck Duty. Other cars came pulling in and even Flash came walking out of the dark(does he just sleep at Warthog I wondered)…anyway the fun began with circling of the Pax.

1 Minute warning

Disclaimer given


20 Burpees OYO

Windmill IC x20 (YHC got a demerit from OneCall for stumbling through calling the Exercise correctly)

TTT IC x 20 ( Geno got a demerit from OneCall for Form…as usual)

LBA Circles ICx20

Reverse Circles IC x20

Cherry Pickers IC x20

Overhead Claps IC x 20

10 Merkins OYO

SSH ICx 20

Mosey to track for Indian run finishing at Mt Myrtle

The Thang

11’s were called as Pax would do 10 BB sit ups at bottom of hill and bearcrawl to top for 1 Jump Squat ( Good Form Suggested) and then reverse exercises until you get to 1 BBsitup and 10Jumpsquats…the Humidity kicked in and the sweat began to pour

Mosey to Bridge and CrawlBear up to Middle and Bear Crawl back down other side

Mosey to Park for a little ABC Dora. Everyone partners up and performs exercises as partner runs length of park (50 or so Yards)

American Hammers X 100

Big Boy Sit Ups X 200

Crab Jacks x 300 ( Crowd Favorite)

As we worked and ran, ran and worked the time kept flying by so we were forced to Modify the numbers a little but all Pax finished! Mosey back to park for COT


Count-o-Rama  14


Prayer request Unspoken

Announcements, Flash and others need more people to sign up for Brolimpics…read about it on SLACK


BOM One Call took us out


I always enjoy leading the great group of men of F3 Grandstrand and start my day so much better and ready for anything when I post or lead…like OBT one of the co-founders said when he visited and lead our group this Spring….”you never regret getting up and posting in the morning, you only regret when you do not post for the workout”. I believe this statement to be very true to many of us! Thanks again for letting me lead!



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