Time shared together…….40 pounds at a time…….

Time shared together…….40 pounds at a time…….

Workout Date:





One Call, Viagara, Burgundy, Beaker, KaPow, Bling

The Thang:

TimeShare, our friendly neighbor to the North!  Love this AO- tons of options to work with.  Got an “invite/demand” from beaker to Q last week, but out of town….so….put me down for Tuesday!  “One Call has Tuesday (below average Q) ….so…. I’ll take Thursday and bring a much better beatdown (no shocker there….)

texted One Call- 0445 pick up (#carpoolkaraoke) and off we went up north.  One Call told me Tuesday only 3-4 total, so summer was over and TimeShare would be back to a small, close knit group.  Planned the Q around that and brought a 40 pound bag to play around with!  The usual crew was up there in the lot- beaker, Burgundy and Viagara- and a new dude from Calabash!  KaPow!  The 6 of us were accounted for and ready to roll.

Disclaimer- circle up gents:

22 Merkins IC. #22Kills


20 IW IC


30 Flutters IC


20 IW IC. (some of the smarter PAX noticing the repeat/trend of the ladder)


Grab the bag (Beaker) and mosey to the beachfront.  Circle up by the bathrooms for a rotation/AMRAP

1 PAX would mosey to the ocean with the sand bag and back.  others would AMRAP exercises and switch until all 6 completed the run.  LBC’s, Hand release merkins, Hello Dolly, CDD, and 6” were all done (average of 25-30 per exercise- One Call was averaging around 15 according to Beaker).

grab the bag and line up around the curb.  Calf raises- 10 per with the bag on shoulders and then pass onto next PAX.  IC- so 20 raises per- 120 in total.  groans, grunts, smoked calfs……

next up was squats- 10 per with the weight, pass it on.  60 total

shoulder press- 10 per, 60 total

wall sits at the Spanish Galleon (famous MB locale!) with the bag.  10-20 count, then pass on.

nipple step ups……..wait a minute, we cant do the nipple step ups- too dangerous….. so we modify and went to the 2ft wall.  5 step ups per with the weight- pass it onto next PAX.

Incline merkins on the curb with the sandbag next to your right arm.  after 5 merkins, stay in plank and slide bag to next PAX in line- 30 total merkins down to the end of line- 10 second break, then 30 total merkins back sliding bag.  shoulders whooped…..

Knew Beaker had to scoot out a little early (#schooldad) so we grabbed the bag (KaPow) and moseyed back to flag.  a few minutes left for 6 rounds of 6” with the bag above our heads.  (#sweatangel)

TIME.  great work by all- 6 people got much better this morning!

Announcements- Pelican game- be there

Prayers- Athena to find proper care thru courts in Conway (Burgundy), One Calls dad- coming home today from heart surgery!  Better representation of F3 in region, beacons in all we do.  Honor as always.




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