Timeshare Diva’s? Not!

Timeshare Diva’s? Not!

Workout Date:





Beaker, Burgundy, Viagra

The Thang:

Yes, Drama at Timeshare once again.  Shortly after planting the shovel flag, we are accosted by some good ol’ boy driving a very large vehicle like a backhoe or something of sorts.  He’s yelling “That lot is closed” We are perplexed as the Lady Diva event isn’t until Sat.  We questioned him about this and he quickly whipped this monstrous vehicle around and drove up to us and asked ” Are you with the Diva’s?”  No we replied.  He asked us to move in a somewhat tactful manner so we complied.  There was no taking on this piece of machinery.   After the fact we laughed saying that we should have replied “Yes cant you tell we are with the Diva’s?” so we carried on once we reparked


20 SSH IC, 20 IW IC, 20 TTT IC, 15 LBAC’s IC, 15 reverse IC, 15 OHC’s IC

Mosey to park pick nick tables under the Gazebo


1 dip, 10 Derkins, 2-9 and so on.

We then mosied to the playground or (Yoga Mat) as we call it.

More 11’s

1 BB sit up, 10 wooley  worm on the swing set, 2-9 until finish. you get it.

Mosey to ball field

5 Burpees at home plate

10 merkins at first

20 FK’s at second

30 Squats at third

5 Burpees at home again.

Pax choice. 1 pax calls exercise while rest of pax run lap around field

6 rounds of assorted exercises

Time for some Mary

20 Tempo Squats, 20 Tempo Merkins, 20 FK’s

Mosey back to AO. Time.


1 Year Timeshare Anniversary!!!  Be There!! Fun to had by all.  Parking may be a challenge but once you park, Come to Ocn. Blvd. and Main St. parking lot.  We’ll figure it out.

Pleasure as always.


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