Timeshare Guest Q PCH / RipStik

Timeshare Guest Q PCH / RipStik

Workout Date:



PCH / RipStick ( F3 Rock Hill)


Tom FNG - BillBoard (Boston, MA), Beaker, Viagra, Therminator, Jeter, PattiMayo, Christopher Irving? FNG - Red Card (2.0 with QIC), Crayola, RipStik, PCH

The Thang:

What a great day to meet new friends and push into the gloom.  My son RipStik and I Co-Qed at Timeshare on Tuesday.  Weather perfect with a huge hug of beach humidity wrapped around us, we dropped into the spot on Google maps that said it was the COT.  One lone shadow stood stretching and welcomed us with a smile.  We made small talk and joined in the stretches waiting for any others that may venture out to join us.  We had a nice sized group fall in.  RipStik gave the introductory speech and we began…


30 SSH

30 RipStik squats

Mosey to the parking deck

First Level…

Squat jumps, backwards lunges, and Lieutenant Dans by using four support beams

Mosey up to level 2

Suicides with the four support beams

Mosey up to level 3

Lieutenant Dans, NUR, and backwards lunges from the next four support beams

Mosey up to level 4

Suicides with the next four support beams

Mosey up to level 5

Suicides with the next four support beams

Peoples chair while everyone drops and does 10 merkins one at a time

15 Australian mountain climbers

Mosey up to level 6

Toy soldiers, lunges, and squat jumps with the light poles


At the top of the deck under God’s beautiful sky we found a flag just down the way at the next high rise building with in eye sight.  We all partook in the pledge of allegiance lead by the FNG we brought with us (soon to be named Red Card).  I took over at the top of the parking deck.  I had the a nice surprise in mind…  Thankfully the day before RipStik and I did a small recon of the area to see what would be fun during the workout.  We found at the top of this particular deck the maintenance people had left several metal pipes stacked to the side.  Great for coupons!  So we got into groups of 3 and 2 and started partner curls.  The pipes were long and heavy so more than enough for 2 or 3 people.  To keep our arms from failing, I had the group do American Hammers x 30 as break counts.  After several sets of curls we replaced the pipe in its original home.  Down the parking deck ramps we did high knees and on the flats we did butt kickers.  Before reaching the bottom we all mosey over to the wire wall and do a round of reverse people’s chair.  With the workout on a wrap up stroke I began what I like to call the bio time.  I ask each PAX to run down an introduction of themselves to the rest of us.  I enjoy hearing about each new face I meet in F3 and this is a great way to get to know new friends.  We ran all the way back to COT.  With a quick name-o-rama and praises and prayers we were done.  RipStik and I (PCH) really enjoyed the welcoming we got from everyone at TimeShare.  Thank for your F3 spirit and we do hope to post here again.


PCH / RipStik ~ OUT

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