Timeshare Little league

Timeshare Little league

Workout Date:





Sunshine (YHC), Sunshine (DR from NC), Beaker, Skidmark, Cubby, Viagra, Burgundy, Hungry Man, Weezle, Llama Llama, Honey Don't (FNG, Darwin Jackson)

The Thang:

Conditions: beautiful outside.

Last week I was asked to join FNG, to be know forever as Honey Don’t, at the Timeshare AO and instead of just agreeing, I committed to Q (holding myself accountable).  Last night I posted that I was accepting any willing PAX to clown car to Timeshare and Skidmark was quick to the draw as he had never ventured farther north than 65Th Ave N.  Always a pleasure to get extra 2nd F time pre and post workout.  Now I know why he and Boxcar have such a nice bromance.

at 4:50 with Coffee in hand, no one else showed so skid mark and I venture north and arrive at AO about 10 min early, just in time to witness Beaker planting the shovel flag.  Other Pax began to show including Sunshine; a weaker, uglier, version of the Sunshine we all have come to know and love, DR from Charlotte, NC on business polishing rocks or something.  FNG Darwin Jackson arrived right at the 1 min warning and we still awaited clown car from NC to arrive with last two PAX.



Merkins 5 OYO


Merkins 5 OYO

Tempo Squats 20 IC

IW 20 IC

Windmills 20 IC

LBAC 15 forward IC (followed by mission)

LBAC 15 reverse IC (followed by 5 core Principles)

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Mosey to the baseball field in McClaine Park

Baseball innings: d/t numbers PAX divided into 2 groups and started exercises at opposite corners of field.

Inning 1: starting at base 1, Bear crawl to base 2, 2 Merkins, Crab walk to base 3, 2 Squats, Lunge walk to base 4, 2 BBSU, Toy solier to base 2 burpees.

Inning 2; rinse and repeat with 4 reps

Inning 3; rinse and repeat with 6 reps

up to inning 5 with 10 rep.

the intent was to then decrease reps by 2 back down to start which would have been 9 innings, however, with DR PAX (Kotter) and FNG, YHC wanted to add diversity to the beatdown and time was running low.

Mosey to large gazebo with picnic tables

Sevens: Step ups/Derkins; 6 step ups counting each leg (12 total)/1 Derkin, rinse repeat with 5/2 ratio, etc until 1/6 ratio reached.

Mosey back to parking lot AO start.

While rounding the corner at Main YHC had dropped back to pick up the six just in time to witness Merlot Spilling by Sunshine from NC, another reason to never fartsack for 3 months just in time for summer-like temps.  I waved Beaker on to begin leading Mary at the showl flag while I waited on Sunshine pull himself together. No really, while embarrassed, he shook off the cobwebs, wiped his face and regained composure within about 2 min.  He and I arrived back at flag just in time to get in on Beakers Flutter kicks IC.  Beaker deferred back to me.

22 Merkins OYO in honor of veteran suicides daily.




Announcements: EH Kotters and FNGs, F3 GS 4 yr anniversary coming soon,

Prayers: family of passed MI firefighter last week.

Always an honor to lead and enjoy the fellowship of Timeshare

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