Timeshare Sand Enema (8/9/18)

Timeshare Sand Enema (8/9/18)

Workout Date:





Ralph Lauren(Shelby), Burgundy, Viagra, Cubbie, Lemont (Anson County NC), Fred G Period, Mahoney, Roadie (Lake Norman) Heimlech (Lake Norman), Blowout (Lake Norman), Flop, Woodstock, Goodwrench (Denver, NC), Beaker (QIC)

The Thang:

#T-claps to TinyTank from F3CapeFear who landed an Emotional Taint-Kick on YHC for not using Timeshare’s greatest resource, the ocean,  in the last year of operations.  Inspired by Tiny’s example last week, YHC was itching to get back in the surf.

Conditions, Water was warm air was cool.  Tide going down and about halfway out.  Surf at 1-3 feet.

Mosey to beach

YHC instructed PAX to get anything off you don’t want wet. Fortunately there were no exhibitionists in the group and we kept to a #rangerpanty minimum dress code. 

DISCLAIMER: “I am not a lifeguard. You are responsible for your own buoyancy.” [For the guys in Conway, that’s just fancy talk for wearing your floaties if you’re too skinny to stay above the waves without doggie paddling.]


COP (Beachside)

Hold with SSH waiting on the 6 to get undressed.

Plant flag with light on top and 2nd light about 30 yrds apart near the surfline.

In the soft sand  all in 4ct IC SSH, TTT, huggers, LBAC fwd, rev, Split jacks.


4 Corners all in the surf  (the 2 lights on shore to designate the end lines of the box)

  1. C1 = 25IW waist deep
  2. C2 = 25squats+25IW waist deep
  3. C3 = 25 Merkins +25squats +25IW ankle deep
  4. C4 = 25 supines +25 Merkins +25squats +25IW ankle deep.

Rinse and repeat with 10X each Corner still time so…

Rinse and repeat with 5X each Corner.

[Going watch-less YHC set some timers on the cellphone on the beach with the flashing light that would go off when it was time to change it up.]


10X Surfer Merkins = 360 spin jump drop down to merkin and back up in ankle high water. YHC’s form was impeccable as the waves came inbound during a 360 jump while dark. #SobrietyTest

Rinse and repeat with 5 more.

Dora 123 all in ankle deep surf.

P1 does as follows:

  • 100 hydraulics (modify with lunges) 4ct
  • 150 Carolina Wet Docks [CDD’s aquatic cousin] #FullRangeRequired
  • 200 Flutter kicks

P2 runs up to glowstick about 15yrds into the soft sand and back.


Same as Guantanamo but line up in ankle deep surf.  PAX at one end starts down the line and cycle progresses indian-run style with PAX 2-3 yds apart.


Held beach side as YHC had learned from TinyTank’s Q that Grandstrand PAX had embarrassingly slow transition times.




  • Baseball Aug 27th.
  • Last 2.0 workout next Tuesday
  • New AO at New Directions Mission

YHC Prayed us out.

Naked Man Moleskin

The BB name comes from the fact half the beach ended up on the wrong side of YHC’s compression shorts.  Seriously, it was like YHC sharted a sandcastle.  It is amazing how much sand can accumulate during flutter kicks in the surf.  Good news for Goodwrench was the city has beach showers so he didn’t have to run the 4 miles back to the condo with all that sand still onboard.

The ocean was great.  When you are getting drenched over and over again, it is almost like you aren’t even working out but by the end we all felt it. IW’s in waist-high surf is a real treat.  Great to have everyone out and ready to play in the waves.



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