Timeshare Tabata

Timeshare Tabata

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Chicken Little (AOQ), Cubby, Jetah (Q), Malpractice (double Respect), and Viagra

The Thang:

YHC has realized that the strand is bigger than just the Plank and bomb-squad, so travelled up north a few weeks ago to check out Timeshare, and having liked what I saw, had to sign up to Q. While DR in Colorado, YHC posted with some local pax, and experienced a nice beatdown out in Ft. Collins mixing in some new stuff. One of the things YHC brought back was using tabatas, which are 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Knowing I had this Q coming up, I did what all good Qs do and poach other ideas and call them my own. Arriving a minute or two early, I was excited to see the normal crew roll up to the parking lot. We started in normal fashion w/ some SSH, IWs, little baby arm circles, etc. Then we proceeded to head out to the nearby parking lot for some Timeshare style four corners. I introduced the concept of tabatas to the crew, explained the idea and hit it.
The Thing:

20sec on, 10 sec off

1st corner: American Hammers

2nd Corner: Crunches

3rd Corner: Burpees

4th Corner: Squats

Do that for 10-15 rounds, then some bombsquad special parking lot activities like sprinting from line to line with some mericans inbetween, then lunges, wrapped up with a little jailbreak. We mosey’d back to the AO the long way, and stretched it out.


Monthly social hour at 6pm at Grand Strand

Superbowl squares going live for $20/square, talk to your friendly SLT or AOQ for information or purchase

29 Jan Lazertag at lake arrowhead

Prayers unspoken

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