#Tinderama [or not]

#Tinderama [or not]

Workout Date:





Hamburglar, Franklin, Jingles (RESPECT), Billboard, Bling, Headgear, Disconnected, Valvano, Snips, Karma, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

76, but in the 40’s tomorrow!!

HALLOWEEN!!!!!  Time for candy!  Found some old fortune cookies, leftover Flop protein bars, an apple, a ho ho, twix, snickers, etc….whatever I could sneak out without the 2.0’s looking for em.  Threw them in a bag along with the printouts of AWESOME exercises to do this fine morning!

Found the 1st 3 to arrive (Headgear, Franklin, and Hamburglar) and gave each a special piece of candy with instructions NOT to eat [Hamburglar cannot follow instructions].  Men were rolling in blabbing about merkins merkins merkins.  Sheesh.  Like my Q’s ever have more than 350 merkins.  1 minute warning and disclaimer and we went to the field and circled up!  Instructions were that the PAX would each pick a paper out of my halloween bag of treats and we would do what it said – 31 reps of something.  BUT the PAX with the candy could turn em in to make 31, 13.  3 pieces, I mean 2 left, of candy.  Warned that there were burpees and turkish get-ups in there!!!

Quick warm up
SSH x 31 IC
TTT x 13 IC – so many complaints…the men wanted 31!!!
IW x 31 IC

Here are the exercises we got to (order is off though):

31 Diamond Merkins – single count
31 Wide Arm Merkins – single count
31 Staggered Merkins – single count

31 Air Presses – 4 count IC – BUT Candy turned in on these?!!?!?!  WHAT?!?  Only 13.
31 Dirty Birds – 4 count IC

I had two extra Tricks – which were the Picker’s choice
Snips got one and did the s…l…o…w…e…s…t… Boxcutters EVER!  #! IC  Many complaints by the PAX
Later on Franklin got one and made us do 31 BBSU’s….then 2 papers later was the real 31 BBSU’s!!

31 Turkish Get-ups – single count – NO CANDY USED AND THE PAX WERE MAD!!!!!!!!!!
31 American Hammers – 4 count IC
31 Heels to Heaven –4 count IC

31 Plank Jacks – 4 count IC
31 WhittleFlops – single count
31 Burpees – CANDY USED – 13
31 Lateral Jumps – 2 count, 2 legs Bling
31 Mountain Climbers – 2 count

31 Tempo Squats – single count
31 Prisoner Squats – single count – BRILLIANT idea from Hamburglar (well, he actually just didn’t know the exercise, but I made him think he was brilliant) – we did 13 Surrender Squats followed by 13 Prisoner Squats
31 Sumo Squats – single count
31 Lunges – single count

31 seconds High Plank, then low plank

We also threw a lap around the track in for good measure at the 25 minute mark.

We did not get to Merkins, Hand release merkins, CDDs, Flutters or LBCs – so do them later.


Count-O-Rama – 11
Candy given out!
Prayer requests for Karma and the irksome situation to be removed from him
Prayer requests for Soto’s cousin Susie
Prayer requests for Snips’ crew and friends in Nepal – Believers there and the goverment issues
Prayer requests upspoken

– This was a lot of fun…for me..and hopefully everyone else.  The spot light was on various PAX and work was done.
– #Mumblechatter was INTENSE this am!!!   I won’t go into details about the title of the BB, but if you were there, you know!
– Great group of #HIM!!
– I wanted to comment on Karma’s request.  I said this this am.  We ALL have that “irksome situation”.  It changes what it is depending on what will irk you most at any given time!  Go read CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters for an amazing take on this.  The enemy prowls around and knows exactly what buttons to push at exactly what time to irk us.  And we, as human beings, oftentimes, let it irk us.  We know it’s there, we know we shouldn’t, we know how we should react, but we don’t.  Happens to every single one of us usually multiple times per day!  Prayer, faith, strength, wisdom.  We need those every day to combat these situations.  Use our Brothers!!!  Call, text, reach out.  DO NOT go through this stuff alone.  Easier said than done for macho men like us, but humble yourself and seek that strength that our Brotherhood offers!!!!  I haven’t done that enough myself, but when I have, and my shieldlock and larger brotherhood are praying with or for me, I can tell a difference!!  We cannot outsmart the enemy alone.  We cannot defeat him alone.  NOT WITHOUT GOD!  And the strength of our Brothers with us together doing battle – that’s what it’s about.  Aye!
– Penelope and Weedeater both said they would be there.  They were not.


  • CCU Football per Bling – Saturday November 30.  FREE tix!  Cookout, tailgate, etc.  M and 2.0 friendly!  If you have a large portable grill, let Bling know ASAP – ALSO, send OneCall a DM or text or email with YOUR email if you are attending.  We need numbers and per Bling we are setting up an online potlock thing!
  • 5th Annual Christmas party – details coming from High Interest and/or Sunshine!  December 7 at Waterway Palms clubhouse right now.  6-10.  Babysitting provided onsite by Boxcar’s soccer team.
  • Per Snips – 2020 mission trip to Nepal.  Talk to him if interested.  Cost around $1,500.00.  Bling is in if Jingles pays his way.


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