Tiny dancer the dream killer

Tiny dancer the dream killer

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Tiny Dancer, Castaway (AOQ), War Eagle, Pikachu (CP AOQ) QIC

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 52 degrees and perfect

So I always try to bring something a little different to a workout. Take a regular exercise and spice it up and work a different muscle and make the workout fun but make you feel like you worked out at the same time. Sat down and came up with my list of exercises. My latest ways have been to get the exercises written down and make the rest work better n my Q time and today was no different.

Showed and and I was solo, followed by Tiny Dancer and Castaway and War Eagle. Of course no Sade once again. Their seems to be a theme here. He always seems to skip my workouts. But Tiny Dancer showed up. Hmmmm. 🤔

One Minute Warning

Ok time to go, Proper Disclaimer and F3 Mission which we should all be doing.


Harry Rocketts 15 IC, Tempo Squats 20, IW 16 IC, 5 Merkins OYO, and 5 More OYO, LBACF 20 IC, 20 Reverse IC then we had like a 2 minute conversation holding arms out, 20 Seal Claps IC, 20 OHC IC, 18 HB IC 15 SSH now that the body is warmed up.

Mosey to Coupon pile and grab a block. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a block workout.

Back to the front parking lot curb at the entrance down from the Shovel Flag.

Segment 1) Partner up and time for Squats with a twist. Place heels on the curb and toes on the asphalt and squats. Dora style, 150 total. P2 mosey to opposite end of parking lot. With toes pointed down on the asphalt, these are a quad killer. Made the legs a little rubbery in the mosey.

Segment 2) Place block on the line and well these are called the Pikachu Merkin. Not my name but Castaway named these.

Right arm in Merkin Position, left arm on Block but arm is stretched out as straight as possible. So you do a merkin with right arm and limited use of left arm. 10 Merkins each side, then mosey around parking lot as a group., this is where I learned Tiny Damcer was basically a construction lawyer to which I said I immediately dislike you. (Lol J/K Tiny Dancer, 10 more Pikachu Merkins, mosey around parking lot but down second isle, 10 more Pikachu Merkins mosey to end of parking lot and back, 10 more Pikachu Merkins.

Segment 3) Place block on sidewalk in front of building. Rocky Balboa to the top of the block. Not sure how may we did, we just did them for about 90 seconds. Nice high step balboas. A Construction guy and Construction Lawyer banter session that I let myself get away from for a minute. I was having fun with this one. I could do this all day. Lawyer telling me how we are doing everything wrong that he’s never laid his eyes on. Oh hell yeah, bring it on Timy Dancer. Lol. Nah just kidding, but we did have fun with the banter.

Segment 4) Off to the wall. Been waiting to get in a good walk workout. Take our blocks to the wall.

Wall sit and place blocks on knees, make sure those knees are at 90 degrees so block doesn’t roll off, hold a wall with arms out. YHC counted off in my head, 30 sec, then 20, 10, 5. Recover.

Wall sit and 20 Curls IC. These were tough, legs are getting it now. At this point Pax said this was a full body workout and YHC legs were feeling it, so I did 20 Tricep Extension OYO and 20 OHP OYO to give the legs a rest. At this point I placed the block on the ground getting ready for some decline Merkins but, Tiny Dancer asked if we were going to do wall sits again so since he figured it was peer pressure getting to me but I’m the type of person that will make you regret your decision. I don’t go all out Tiny Boy. Still some gas left.

So Wall sit with 5 Curls IC, 5 OHP IC, 5 Curls IC, 5 OHP IC, 5 Curls IC, 5 OHP IC. Now that smoked us all the last few minutes.

Take blocks back to Coupon Pile and mosey back to Shovel Flag. 2 minutes left. Time for my last twist.

LBC with a twist. Do one LBC hold the crunch position, twist abs for left elbow right knee, right elbow left knee for a 4 count LBC with a twist 15 IC.


Oops yes Tiny Boy I didn’t call Time.


Count-o-Rama 4


Announcements: BS AOQ turnover 2/15, Catapult 2 year 2/18, Catapult AOQ Turnover 2/25.

Freed to bleed March 2nd. Sign up and stop being a kitten hatter.


Prayers: Cameron & Evelyn, John Poston.

This was a fun Q that had allot of twist and turns that I wasn’t ready for or knew how it would workout. These guys are great, and fun so get over to the Village and get on the Q sheet.

I don’t mind a failure, without failure there is no success.




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