Tiny Tim’s 50th, amongst other things….

Tiny Tim’s 50th, amongst other things….

Workout Date:





One Call, Snips, Varsity, Bubbles, Jingles (respect), Disconnect, Billboard, Stewy, Turn & Cough, Bling

The Thang:

Warthog, the Ultimate AO, Mothergoose, The Godfather of AO’s, the birthplace of F3Grandstrand.  OK, ok, we got it.  So when the new AOQ Headgear (aka Charlie Soto) asks you to grab a date to Q, you take it and run.  Im just lucky my car-pool bro mentioned this to my yesterday as we were driving back from Waverucker!  hadn’t thought about it at all!   So I took yesterday to think about the Q’s going around, reading the Backblasts (that get written!!!!) and seeing some tough workouts- nice job gents!  (do the Backblasts people)

so after the beatdown and history lesson from Hoser yesterday at Waverucker, I got cracking on a solid Q to make all sweat, tired, complain, and get better!  Pick up OC at 0405 and made our way down on this perfect 54 degree morning- had a few PAX in the lot milling around, parking in the wrong spots, waking up as we pulled in.  Got the 5 second warning from OC and away we went with a solid disclaimer to make sure all were on the same page.

22 merkins IC. #22kills


20 IW IC

20 Tempo squats IC

15 AC forward IC

15 overhead claps IC

15 AC reverse IC

Indian run from parking lot to small parking deck entrance.  do not sprint to front until PAX in front of you reaches the front.  #nocheating

partner up- with the 10 of us it worked out perfectly.  Wheelbarrow partner up the deck slope, switch when needed to make it to the top.

stay with partner for the DORA cycle.

100 Hand Release merkins

200 jump squats

300 flutters (2 count)

other partner runs down the stairs, around the deck and back up the slope to partner 1.  wall sit on the 6, or Bubbles/Varsity!  Great work by all here, not much room to “cheat” on these exercises- took some time to complete, all were thankful for the “rest walk” down the slope to the street.

Mosey to the movie theater for more partner work.  #1 20 step ups on the bench, #2 10 Hatchling Butterflies (form of BBSU- thanks to Hoser) switch.  mosey to fountain in front of Barnes/Nobles.  #1 20 decline lunges on the curb (this was nice!) #2 40 CDD, switch.

Jailbreak with partner down the street to other fountain.  I didnt realize how far this was until we starting sprinting- I would guess 150 yards?  rest/walk down the street towards the bridge, stop at light to circle up.  I mentioned earlier in the warmup that Billboard was turning 50 next week- wow, that almost half a century old!  SO- we did 50 SSH in cadence.  I was too busy sounding the cadence and breathing to listen to all the mumble chatter going on.  apparently the PAX were recounting Billboards life and “distinguished dates”!  All were laughing, counting, exercising- great comradry.

Mosey back to flag as time was tight!  TIME called at lot!

announcements.  OC sent email blast yesterday, please sign up for both CCU game (11/30) and Xmas party (12/7) NOW!!

prayers- Cheesy Biscuit and his daughter Lydia.  terrible accident Sunday at church, but great news yesterday from him on recovery.  Great to see all the response on Slack.  Prayers for T&C and Christ United church, Franklin and his accident  riding with the Salty Gears gents- get better

prayed out……


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