Tire(d) beatdown BB 7/31/17

Tire(d) beatdown BB 7/31/17

Workout Date:





Strap Lock, Super Dave, FNG 2.0 Poptart, Sitework, Latex, Stuffed Crust, High Interest

The Thang:

I arrived by bike to a frigid 61 degrees- frigid for July that is! Man what a wonderful morning and all the PAX were bragging about the weather. Those words soon changed as we forgot what the cool weather was about. I gave the warning and disclaimer and we began.

COP- SSH, TTT, imperial walkers, arm circles forward/reverse was a sufficient warmup.

Main Thang- ease to the tractor shed for coupons. Each PAX selected a normal auto tire, and I was last stuck with a bit larger truck tire. We then moseyed, dragged, pushed, pulled, carried, or rolled our coupon to the sand lot. Line up and the work was simple- throw your tire as far as possible, go to it, throw it again until you reached the other side then return back and plank. I saw the other throw distances, felt I could match that, quickly learned my bigger tire was good for about a third of the other throws. Quick math determined I would need 12-13 tosses as the others were getting there in 4-5. OK, that really stunk. We finished a round and all moved down a tire to share the fun. After 8 sets of throws, and mumble chatter like you wouldn’t believe, we took a short mosey to recover. We returned and paired off. Member 1 did a farmers carry of 2 tires across and back while member 2 ran the circuit around the lot, switch out and plank. We slid partners every set until everyone had the BIG tire experience. A loner mosey to recover- heard at F3- feels good to mosey to recover when we used to do a bunch of 10 counts! Line up on Main Street for #22kills to remember the average of 22 veterans that commit suicide daily. Back to the lot, recover the coupons and return them then circle up.

Announcements and prayer requests taken. I gave scripture from Psalms 12 how we keep silent before evil and see evil grow and continue to encroach on the light. We have a HIM and ISI duty to stand strong, call wrong, wrong, call evil, evil, and hold- and be held- accountable.

Honored to lead!

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