Today’s Beatdown Brought To You By The Number 10

Today’s Beatdown Brought To You By The Number 10

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Pikachu, O'Douls, Rousey, Rocky Top, Sunshine, Single Barrel, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: 70s and a nice breeze, not too humid

Last Monday, YHC had the pleasure (?) of going to a Crankbait led Q at BombSquad and was introduced to the 10 to 1 beatdown. The whole time, I thought to myself “Some coupons, lots of holds and reps, no running… this could be perfect for Catapult.”  So that’s what I decided to introduce to the Catapult Crew. Was surprised to see the Nantan this morning, but he’s been nursing a back injury that he picked up from doing a thousand blockees (at least thats what he told me).

1 minute warning




20 Windmills IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

20 LBAC (Forward) IC

21 LBAC (Reverse) IC #lostcount

5 Big Arm Circles (Forward) IC

5 BAC (Reverse) IC

22 Merkins IC

Mosey to the coupon pile


Each round would consist of 2 exercises or an exercise and a hold. We would start by doing one exercise for a 10 count and then 10 reps OYO of the second exercise. First exercise for a 9 count and then 9 reps of exercise 2, all the way down to 1 count/1 rep. Then mosey to the next round and work our way around the AO.

Round 1: Curls, Hold coupons at 90 deg

Round 2: Squats, Hold Al Gore with coupon

Round 3: Merkins, Mountain climbers (#killer)

Round 4: OH Press, Al Gore with coupon

Round 5: Bent over rows, Plank on the block

Round 6: Tricep extension, calf raises

10 Min. of Mary: 

Some abs, stretching, and some pax choice



Count-O-Rama: 7


Announcements: 2.0 workouts have started for the summer, check slack for more details!

Prayer requests: Unspoken



– Texas Ranger

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