Total Body Beatdown!

Total Body Beatdown!

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OneCall, Billboard, and Screaming Eagle

The Thang:

BeachBells had a brief hiatus due to DR PAX but we were getting back it at today.  YHC rolled to the usual spot and the rain was coming down at a steady pace.  OneCall pulled up and we made an executive decision to take it to the back parking deck.  That only meant it was going to be 10x more Humid than outside.

Screaming Eagle followed than Billboard rolled in.

I wanted to get a good workout in Today so I brought some ideas I had gotten from the BookFace and brought it to BeachBells.


Start as always with Swings on all weights up to 80lber.  10 count  until we rotated few.

Next we did some “Flow” training,  basically a full body work out.

Started with a high snatch in to a bent over row, into squat.  5 reps on each weight up to 50lbs

Next Flow was shoulders- dead lift into a high row into a squat into a double arm swing.  Both weights were used in this set x 5 on each weight

We mixed in swings to “REST”

Ended with Flutter kicks with KB chest push x 20



Always a HONOR to lead you guys, you make me better and hold me accountable, and I appreciate that very much.

Until the next time.

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