Tower of Power

Tower of Power

Workout Date:





Hoser, Valvano, Manziel, Fergie, Bubbles, Penelope, Shoeless

The Thang:


COLD. 36 degrees, but no wind so that was nice.

The Thang:

YHC showed up a little early to set up and verify the Tower of Power course. Most PAX came screaming in right before the one-minute call so YHC felt a little better that it wasn’t going to be YHC, Fergie, and Hoser. Those 3 together could spell bad news.

Disclaimer was given,

SSH X 20

Through the tunnel (That literally everyone modified for some reason)

LBACs, Hands to Heaven

Mosey to the garage, 3 rounds as follows:

Level 0

Rnd 1 40 Calf Raises

Rnd 2 20 Shoulder Taps on curb

Rnd 3 40 dips

Lunge walk ramp

Level 1

Rnd 1 25 SSH 4 count

Rnd 2 50 LBCs

Rnd 3 50 jump squats

Lunge walk ramp, mosey the straight

Level 2

Rnd 1 25 Big Boys

Rnd 2 50 Flutters 4 count

Rnd 3 50 Dry Docks

Level 2 Ramp

Rnd 1 Bear Crawl, Merkins every other line, adding a merkin per line

Rnd 2 Bear Crawl, one merkin every other line

Rnd 3 mosey back down


At this point we had eaten up all our time, so we did a cool down walk combined with a COT that put us back at the AO only 1 minute past.


Freed to Bleed

Lazer tag and dinner


It has been a while since I have Qd at Warthog. Grateful for the opportunity to lead, and glad it was a much better showing than my horrible birthday Q. I promise to do better this year on it.


Aye – Penelope



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