Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Pikachu (AOQ), Hojo, First Base, Scuba Steve, Candy Cane, Texas Ranger

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: High 70s and humid

Haven’t had a chance to come out to Catapult in a while with my AOQ duties at the Village, but with one opening left on the Q sheet earlier this month, I decided to grab it while I could. Arrived to the AO with about 10 min to spare so that I could set up my cones for the coming fun. Got back to the flag and the mumble chatter was already going. Found out that Pickachu lived up to his F3 name recently as he was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING! (seriously… not kidding) Sadly he has no super powers… at least not yet.

1 minute warning



Since Catapult is all about recovery and lower impact workouts I saw this as a great time to open with some stretches and planks that I picked up from Rubber the other day.


20 Windmills IC


20 Imperial Walkers IC

Mosey to the cones

Trail of Tears:

I had set up a number of cones all around the big parking lot that we would use to snake ourselves around the lot (a trail).

Station 1 – Bear crawl to station 2 (approx 75′ away), wait on the 6, crawl bear back to the start.

Mosey to next Station

Station 2 – Double lunge walk to station 3 (75′ away). Really focus on good form and balance with this one, don’t let your back foot touch the ground when lunging forward. Wait on the 6 and then reverse double lunge walk back to the start.

Mosey to next station

Station 3 – Hostage jumps the full length of the parking lot (modifiers were given just in case). Wait on the 6 and hostage jump back to the start. Mosey to next station.

Station 4 – There are 15 parking lot lines in the big lot and I made sure to use all of them. Everybody line up the same direction, side plank crawls with 2 merkins at every 3rd line. Wait on the 6. Side Plank crawl with merkins the opposite way. Mosey.

Station 5 – Everybody line up the same direction, side lunges with a squat when your feet are apart (switch directions at the halfway point of the lot). hold for the 6. Line up and side lunge with a prisoner squat when your feet are together (switch at the halfway point.) Mosey

Station 6 – Broad jump with 2 jump switches or lunge walk with modified switches the full length of the lot.

Mosey to the coupon pile as we were running out of time.


Each round would consist of 2 exercises or an exercise and a hold. We would start by doing one exercise for 10 reps IC and then a 10 count of the second exercise. First exercise for 9 reps, then second for 9 sec, then 8 reps and 8 sec. (normally we would go 10-to-1, but I cut it off at 8 due to time)

Round 1: Curls, Hold coupons at 90 deg

Round 2:Bent over rows, Plank on the block

Round 3: Merkins, Mountain climbers (#killer)

Take the coupons back.

5 Min. of Mary: 

Crunchy Frogs x 15 IC (catapult favorite apparently)

Rubber kicks x 10 IC (slow flutters)

Pretzel Crunch x 10 per side

Some stretches to finish it off.



Count-O-Rama: 6


Announcements: 2.0 workouts have started for the summer, check slack for more details! AO challenge coming for August.

Prayer requests: Unspoken

BOM by Pikachu

As always, an honor to lead.

– Texas Ranger

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