Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Workout Date:





Butch (QIC), Franklin, Surf & Turf, Matlock, Bedpan, Manziel (R), Houdini (R), Bubbles (R), Boner, Shart, Swiper

The Thang:

Disclaimer, brief warmup, number off 1-11, typical smaller Oyster Monday crowd… Mosey to the street.

This one was simple. I got a deck of F3 cards a while back that have a different exercise on each one. So PAX 1 drew a card and led that exercise and the number of reps they chose. Then we ran to the next intersection, and PAX 2 then did the same thing, followed by a run to the next intersection. We moseyed throughout Surfside and got through about 25 rounds, and got in 1.75 miles. — if you want to get a deck.

COT: Prayers for Manziel’s dad, Joe, as well as a woman who was walking this morning that was likely going through some difficult health issues. Houdini also reminded us that the real Houdini passed away on Halloween. Prayed us out, and off we went.