TR’s Parking Lot Tour

TR’s Parking Lot Tour

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Dreamliner (DR Pax - F3 Hampton Roads VA), Bubbles, Geno, Hamburglar, Headgear, Weedeater, Huey, FNG Dylan (Fabio), Sleepy, FNG Matt (Cornhole)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 75 and humid

Headgear hit me up about a month ago to come back and Q at the mothership. I’ve had so much going on recently that I hadn’t found much time to think about what I was going to do for a workout. As I sat on my couch Friday night, trying to remember why I was so exhausted, it hit me… I was still feeling the effects from Weedeater’s Elite Friday workout that morning. What’s the best way to pay respects to a fellow PAX, “steal” (maybe “borrow” is a better term) his workout idea! Then a plan started to form and the ideas started rolling. I got on google maps to look up the AO and it all started coming together, but if this was going to happen… I would need some coupons. One of the benefits of Saturdays at #WH is the 0700 start time. That came in quite handy today, as I first had to run over to the #Village and borrow some coupons and then run them over to Parking Lot E of the Sports Complex (about a half mile from the shovel flag). I parked my truck loaded up with all the fun goodies and ran to shovel flag to help get this show started. Ran up and saw Bubbles and Geno talking, they both kind of looked at me funny probably wondering where the heck I was coming from. The rest of the guys started showing and we were about a solid group of 9.

1 minute warning

A random car shows up and a couple of guys come out looking a little leery of the group of 9 guys all wearing gloves, standing in a circle in the parking lot, but sure enough one of the guys (FNG Matt) works with Headgear! He had no idea they were coming, but hey we are open to all men and the more the merrier!

Disclaimer – Lets get this show on the road



10 Merkins OYO

20 Imperial Walkers

10 Merkins OYO


20 Windmills IC

10 Merkins OYO

15 LBAC (Forward) IC

5 Core Principles of F3 for our FNGs

15 LBAC (Reverse) IC

10 Merkins OYO

Indian Run down Forbus, but take a left and head to the overflow parking lot on Meyers Ave. (In all my times of working out at WH, I’ve never head out that direction, its usually around the lake or to the fountains, etc. so lets change it up a bit)

Overflow Parking Lot:

Line up in two lines starting at the first island in the parking lot. Everybody waiting in line is doing SSH. First man up will burpee broad jump down to the middle island in the parking lot (A little over 100 ft). When the first man gets to his 3rd jump, the next man in line can start and burpee broad jump down to the island. When you get to the island, SSH until the last man finishes.

Same two lines and same basic principle but this time the men in line are doing AMRAP Squats and instead of burpee broad jumps we are bear crawling and doing a merkin at each parking line. Squats at the end until the last man finishes.

Indian Run down Meyers and head to Parking Lot C. 

Parking Lot C (don’t get hit by the baseball parents): 

Found a little clearing right by the fields in the parking lot where we could do a set of 11s.

11’s – BBSU and Burpees (note to self… never let Headgear pick an exercise)

Group Mosey down Meyers and head to Parking Lot D/E. 

Parking Lot D/E: 

As we made it to the empty lot, some of the Pax noticed the lone black truck in the middle of the lot. Right then Headgear knew something was up. It was at this point that I had to tell them how great Weedeater’s Elite Friday workout was the day before, and that I wanted to bring a piece of that workout to WH so that everybody else could enjoy it. But since I didnt have any pallets, I had to modify, and that’s when I opened up my truck bed revealing the blocks that I borrowed from the Village (much to the delight of the Pax).

3 man groups with a block per group.

Partner 1 – AMRAP flutter kicks

Partner 2 – Cindersleds! Pushing the block across the lot (Approx. 90ft)

Partner 3 – AMRAP Merkins

Spread out, Partner 2 pushes the block to P3 and then switches places. P3 then pushes the block back to P1 and switches places. AMRAP rounds for 12 mins.

Blocks back in the truck and mosey to the trail by the playground. 


The Pax were looking a little gassed, so we need a breather. Everybody face away from Headgear’s house (payback for burpees)


15 – Monkey Humpers IC

15 – Flutter kicks IC

Mosey to Hamburglar Hill

Hamburglar Hill: 

Sprint to the top, crawl bear down the other side.

Sprint up and back.

(I was going to spend more time here, but with 2 FNGs, we needed to head back to the flag)

Mosey to the flag


Just enough time for a couple of exercises

20 Crunchy Frogs IC

20 pretzel crunch (10 per side)



Count-O-Rama: 11


Announcements: Dragon boat in August

BOM by Headgear

Honor to Q!

Texas Ranger

Great to have Dreamliner (DR from F3 Hampton Roads) join us, dude was a beast and led nearly the whole way. Great push by our 2 FNGs as well!


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