TRSAC & the April Fools

TRSAC & the April Fools

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AO: The Body Shop

Conditions: Covid-19 lock down

Covid-19 Restrictions have gone into effect and all AO have been closed since March 16, 2020. Everyone was in limbo, some fought the restrictions initially (no names will be mentioned) but then Texas Ranger had a brilliant idea on how to stay active and retain all the physical strength gained in the Gloom over the past years(s) without breaking the rules. He calls it “Texas Ranger’s Stupid April Challenge” (TRSAC). The format was simple: 100 Merkins, 100 BBSU,100 Squats daily. Anywhere, anytime. . .just get ‘er done!

But like all great ideas some F3 brother always has to increase the pain! That somebody this time was Brown Bag who increased the pain by including 100 Burpees in the daily routine on the 1st day. Well if one can do it so can the rest of us!

And there it was TRSAC – 100 Merkins, 100 BBSU, 100 Squats & 100 Burpees daily . . .when completed would give each PAX 3,000 Merkins, 3,000 BBSU, 3,000 Squats, and 3,000 Burpees for  the month of April. That’s a STUPID number and that’s why it a Challenge!

In addition to TRSAC, all PAX were also encouraged to Q and/or attend Virtual Beatdowns in the Virtual Gloom. Brown Bag was instrumental in organizing and promoting these virtual beatdowns on Zoom. #Tclaps to our Nant’an and all PAX who stepped up to do their VVQ (Virtual, Virgin Q ) Special thanks also go out to all the PAX who stepped into the Virtual Gloom each day. It was definitely a different experience: Even though the Gloom was virtual, the pain was real!

If the virtual world was too awkward or complicated, all PAX were encouraged to do ‘unofficial’, socially distanced workout with small groups or solo Beatdowns. Headgear was a master of the solo Q and posted inspirational burpee footage on Twitter daily. Billboard, Spork, & Skimmer organized bike rides, Hulkamaniacs continued to find each other and run within safe distances, and the Ruckers did what they do and even found a way to organize a Star Course. It was great to see and hear about all the fitness activity going on around the region.

Besides the 1st F beatdowns, 2nd F and 3rd F activities continued seamlessly, too.  Brown Bag organized High Noon Virtual BOM each day and Virtual Coffetteria on Saturdays. Vitamin D continued to lead “Every Man a Warrior” on Thursday mornings and Podcast stepped up to lead “Thriving in Babylon” each Tuesday evening.

For YHC, the TRSAC would be the cornerstone of my workouts. Sure I posted to some rogue workout led by ERC and joined many others in the virtual gloom but TRSAC was my go to WOD.

When I first got the message from Texas Ranger, I thought I’d do a practice round the day before the April kickoff.

After the practice round was completed, I thought to myself, “That wasn’t so bad . . . but 30 of these over the course of a month, that’s a whole other story!” But like any undertaking it starts with the 1st step, determination, and follow through. YHC felt pretty confident about the whole endeavor going into Day 1, then Brown Bag upped the ante by adding 100 Burpees to the Challenge! Could I? Would I? Should I?? Read on to find out what went down and if YHC reached the 3,000 rep mark!

Personal Disclaimer: Don’t hurt yourself, pace yourself . . . there is no modification

Day 0 – March 31 – Testing the waters – 100 M, 100 SQ, 100 BBS. These were completed in my make shift home office – a couple of reps here, a couple of reps there & voila the challenge was complete!

Day 1 – TRSAC (100 M, 100 S, 100 BBS, 100 Burpees )– this unlike the warmup above took place like all other subsequent workouts in YHC’s Garage, affectionately known as “The Body Shop”. Feeling good to go!

Day 2 – A Virtual Beatdown was promoted for today and promised a Mystery Q! Based on previous Virtual Beatdowns, YHC was certain that Ralph Lauren would be the Q, after all he joined the F3 GrandStrand PAX multiple times in the Virtual Gloom prior to today. YHC was totally caught by surprise when I logged into Zoom to find the one and only Kitten on Q from his basement in Clemson.(See: “Virtual Deck of Death-Mystery Q”) It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kitten and it was great connecting once more. By the time the Beatdown was completed, TRSAC was also done! (100 Merkins, 100 Squats, 100 BBS, 100 Burpees) We completed the entire deck! Later in the evening YHC returned to the Body Shop for a Bonus Round of 100 Merkins, 100 Squats, 100 BBS, 100 Burpees. I figured the weekend was right around the corner and I needed a little buffer just in case the days got away from me.

Day 3 – Elite Friday  – Brown Bag threw another curve and stated that he would be doing 100 Hand Release Merkins, 100 Blockees, 100 Thrusters, 200 BBS, 200 SSH. That made sense, so yeah lets go! Once again later in the evening YHC completed a Bonus Round – 100 M, 100 S, 100 BBS, 100 Burpees

Day 4 – YHC Q’d a 22 mile Bike Ride with the PAX from HulkyGears & SaltyGears in the morning (See “Quaker Express”). In the evening . . . you guessed it, TRSAC – 100 M, 100 S, 100 BBS, 100 Burpees

Day 5 – 24 mile bike ride with my 2.0’s and used up one Bonus Round for TRASC

Day 6 –  TRSAC -100 M, 100 S, 100 BBS, 100 Burpees + 100 Block curls, 100 OH Press, 100 Triceps Ext., 100 Bent Over Rows

Day 7 – TRSAC -100 M, 100 S, 100 BBS, 100 Burpees. NOTE: throughout the month YHC kept his mind sharp by altering the makeup of a set. Some days YHC would crank out 100 Burpees on the front end then do 4 sets of the other exercises. Other days YHC would do sets of 15 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 30 Squat, 15 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 30 BBSU, etc Some days YHC would do 5 sets of 20 reps of each exercise. Truth be told it was mentally easier for YHC to knock out all of the burpees up front then move on to the other exercises. BBSU were YHC’s least favorite exercise because of the callus it put on my. . .tailbone! Merkins were the toughest.

Day 8 –  TRSAC (100 M, 100 S, 100 BBS, 100 Burpees) + 100 Paver Curls & 100 OH Paver Press

Day 9 – Attended Brown Bags Beatdown with fellow Shieldlock PAX, Crankbait. . .where is Humpback? 100 M, 100 S, 100 BBS, 70 Burpees completed at beatdown. YHC stayed in the Body Shop for a few extra minutes and cranked out 30 more Burpees for 100 total – TRSAC completed

Day 10 – Great turn out for BeachBell Beatdown Q’d by Vitimin D (I failed to attend) completed 4 mile bike ride + TRSAC (100 Merkins, 100 Squats, 100 BBS & 100 Burpees) in the evening

Day 11 – Alarm malfunction, seriously. Missed Spork’s 2 part Saturday beatdown. Joined the PAX for Virtual Coffetteria. Avoided work out all day (almost convinced myself to use up 1 of my reserve days) . . .Late night, however,  finished TRSAC at 10 pm.

Day 12 – Easter Sunday – used my Day 2 reserve (no work out today). TRSAC was still on pace.

Day 13 – Virtual Q by YHC (See: “Quiet of the Sets”) – TRSAC -100 Merkins, 100 BBS, 100 Squats, 105 Burpees, 75 Curls, 50 OH Press + evening Bonus Day -100 M, 100 BBS, 100 Squat, 100 Burpees

Day 14 – Virtual Q by Headgear – 3 F3Grandstand PAX + 5 F3Shelby PAX in attendance. TRSAC completed.

Day 15 – Rousey on Q for Lazy Dora. . .post WO 54 Burpees + 80 BBS to bring total to 100 for each + DOUBLE EVENING SHOT: 200 Merkins, 200 BBS, 200 Squat, 200 Burpees

Day 16 –  TRSAC + One Bonus Round

Day 17 – Virtual Beatdown by Texas Ranger.  Completed TRSAC +  2 Bonus Rounds . . . the reps were piling up!

Day 18 4 mile walk with family. TRSAC completed + 1 Bonus Round

Day 19 – Off – Use up One Bonus Round

Day 20 – 1 TRSAC + One Bonus Round

Day 21 – Spork beatdown=TRSAC.  In early evening YHC completed 1 Bonus Round – after 9 pm I completed a 2nd Bonus round . . . YHC hit 3,000 reps at this point!

Day 22 – TRSAC  + 1 Bonus Round. . . did 100 Burpee warm up, then sets of 15 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 30 Squats, and 30 BBSU until 200 reps of each was completed 54 minutes total!!

Day 23 – Brown Bag Beatdown + 60 burpees + 20 Merkins completed TRSAC. I then completed 3 more Rounds (100, merkins, 100, squats, 100 BBS, &100 Burpees). Total of 400 Merkins, 400 BBS, 400 Squats, and 400 Burpees for the day. . .Felt Great!! Up to 3,600 total reps of each exercise with 7 days to go.

Day 24 – TRSAC + 1 Bonus Round

Day 25 – 18+ mile solo bike ride . . used up 1 Bonus Round to stay on pace

Day 26 – TRSAC completed (100 Burpees, 100 Merkins, 100 BBSU, 100 Squats). Mentally this was the toughest day. This was the 1st day that I struggled. YHC thinks yesterday’s bike ride took a toll on me.

Day 27 – TRSAC completed + 1 Bonus Round . . . 4,100 Reps . . .3 days to go, if I can do double sets each day I will complete 4,700 Reps!!

Day 28 – Disconnect’s 5 Minute AMRAP Beatdown + 64 extra burpees post beatdown = TRSAC . . .then 2 evening Bonus Rounds . . . grand total of 4,400 reps of each exercise . . . 2 days left & I need 300 more reps to get to goal.

Day 29 – TRSAC completed + 1 Bonus Round . . NOTE:4,600 reps to date

Day 30 – Texas Ranger Stupid April Challenge FINISHED + 1 Bonus Round . . .

Total Reps = 4.800 Merkins, 4,800 BBSU, 4,800 Squats, 4,800 Burpees!!!

12:00 am – May 1st -Time Called

Announcements: ALL AO’s will retake the Gloom starting May 4th, 2020. B.I.G. Monday will kick if off at BombSquad. Please note special Disclaimer and Covid-19 protocol will be in effect. See Slack for details. F3 GrandStand was not selected to host the 10 Year Anniversary so make plans now to be in F3 Cape Fear January 2021!!

Prayers: General & unspoken prayers for All PAX and their families as we navigate through Phase 1 of reopening the country. . .

Moleskin: YHC could not and would not have done ½ or even ¼ of the reps I’ve done this month without the support, inspiration, and comradery from all my F3 brothers. There were days when YHC did not want to continue with TRSAC, there were times when sleeping in sounded so much better than attending a virtual beatdown, and there were moments when no one was watching; moments when I could have fudged the numbers. But why? To what end? TRSAC was about consistency and creating a new routine – easy if you want to get better. Sleep is overrated and besides YHC doesn’t need any extra beauty sleep, am I right? And as far as fudging the numbers, it’s always You v You . . .and you can’t pull the wool over your own eyes. #T-claps to Brown Bag & Texas Ranger; Spork & Headgear for keeping me motivated! T-claps to everyone who continued the Mumble Chatter and posted their daily workouts. Just because YHC does comment as often as others, doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. Can’t wait to see everyone back in the real Gloom!! #ISI




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