Turkey Train Planktastic at Bombsquad

Turkey Train Planktastic at Bombsquad

Workout Date:



Cross Stitch


Crop Duster, Mrs. Doubtfire, Beefsteak, Doughboy, Rousey (Respect), King James (Rousey 2.0), Candy Cane, O'Douls, Pikachu, Quaker (Respect), Cross Stitch (YHC), Billy Blanks (YHC 2.0)

The Thang:

We had quite a chilly morning of 38 degrees where a dozen PAX gathered to beat the fartsack and overcome their fear of the cold as well as, unbeknownst to them upon arrival, their fear of running as well. There was no shortage of mumblechatter and “constructive criticism” as some shared their talent of counting and others… well… some of us broke a mental sweat as well.

Shoutout to Rousey and King James (Rousey 2.0) for pre-workout before the beatdown and Quaker and Candy Cane on their 3.7 mile run from Early Risers (I mapped it, don’t @ me).

We kicked off with a solid warm up of a mosey around the property followed by 25 of the following:

Overhead press, Seal claps, Little baby arm circles, Cherry pickers, Little baby arm circles in reverse. Then Side straddle hops, Through the tunnel, and windmills.

After the warmup, we did a rather fast paced Indian run to the block pile, then to…

The Thang

Turkey Train: We broke into two even groups. While Group 1 was running a lap around property, Group 2 circled up and each chose 10 reps of their choice until Group 1 returned and switched places, rinse and repeat 4 laps each. The PAX were given the option that, if they just wanted to run the entire time (8 laps), then when you add our two warm up laps, it’s a total of a 5k run (10 laps is approximately 3.1 miles), to which Quaker and Billy Blanks (Cross Stitch 2.0) crushed the challenge, in preparation for whatever Turkey Trot or future race they may participate in. Modify opportunity was given to stay at the circle for both groups, but no PAX participated in this thoughtful and creative option.

Planktastic: All PAX in plank position to countdown of 12, then switch to other variety of plank, rinse and repeat for left arm in the air, back to regular, right arm up, using block, etc. then closing with 15 plank jacks. The poor communication of the Q plus the poor public school education of the PAX led to frustration and difficulty keeping count, but together we overcome physical AND mental obstacles.

We closed by going around in circle and each HIM calling out 10 exercise of their choice.

Circle Of Trust

Prayers and concerns shared around the circle with the great reminder that F3 is a place for absolutely any man, that if it’s valuable to us then it will be valuable for the next guy; also to reach out to our fellow PAX because they won’t always share when they’re struggling and may need to be reached out to. NameORama attached below.


Some of the best times of my week are with this group of guys that have many different experiences and perspectives in life, but come together to support each other and strive to be the best version of themselves. Whether we’re in the 50+ crowd running 7+ miles on a frigid morning (Quaker) or we’re in our early(ish) 30’s and can barely carry a coupon back to the pile (YHC), we’re all in this together. Whether you drink your coffee black or practically white (we all know who), love the mornings or hate them: we’re here and we’re not giving up on you, and we’re not giving up on ourselves.

As the great philosopher said, “life’s a lot harder when you’re stupid”, let’s jump into this holiday season trying to do a few less stupid things.


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