Turn by Turn

Turn by Turn

Workout Date:





Manziel (Respect, DR - Raleigh), Wolverine, Backdraft, Fergie, Franklin, Disconnect, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Cloudy, wet, humid about 75 degrees

Q sheet has been full most of the month but today and Saturday were empty.  After a few texts to those who have not Q’d yet this May, YHC started to realize that it would be my turn.  He even made multiple pleas to OneCall but to no avail.  OneCall even blocked me #truthnugget.  Texas Ranger informed YHC that Sade would have his VQ at #TheVillage today but since I was on Q, I would have to stay at Warthog.  YHC put out the warning, encouraging others to attend #TheVillage as anything I had planned would not be good.

YHC strolled into the AO to find the PAX already standing around discussing dilations, epidurals and birthing.  Manziel from F3 Raleigh was there and wondering why we were all still talking since the F3 Nation site still stated our 0515 start time.  Since our return from the shutdown, we have moved to 0530 since kids are not in school on the same schedule and apparently, the only PAX still working is Weedeater.

2 minute warning

Disclaimer – “You should not have come here today”


SSHs x20

Merkins x10


IWs x15

Windmills x9

Merkins x10

TTT x10

Burpees x5

The thang:

Indian Run – Left around the Lake – cross Farrow Pkwy at PF Changs – stop in front of ColdStone looking for Bubbles – Burpees x10 squats x15 – continue run towards Crepe Creations around the back of the movie theatre to the lot next to the Beach Bells location

4 corners (sort of) around this lot

1st – 3 minutes – Burpees AMRAP- modify by doing a Merkin then squat jump – its as many as YOU can so push yourself

Jailbreak to the next corner

2nd – 2 minutes – Burpees AMRAP

Jailbreak to next corner (sort of)

3rd – 1 minute Burpees AMRAP

Indian Run – continue down Johnson Ave to a right on Iris St, then right on Howard to the Arbor at Valor Park

25 Merkins – Mountain climbers on the 6 – high plank – stay in position – 20 Merkins – mountain climbers on the 6 – 10 Merkins – mountain climbers/plank on the 6 – 5 Merkins – mountain climbers/plank on the 6 – recover –

Mosey to the other end of the arbor at Farrow Pkwy

Squats x15

Cross Farrow

Burpees x10

Jailbreak to last tree

Burpees x10

Mosey to bridge

Bear crawl/crawl bear over bridge

mosey back to the shovel flag

Great work by all.  The pax pushed hard.  We all stayed together.  Fergie is getting better every time at running, burpees and anything else we throw at him.  Great to see Wolverine back on regular posts!  YHC saw Disconnect getting his pre-run in and he crushed the beatdown today, often leading the PAX.  Franklin is always crushing it despite his back injury.  Hope that heals up!  Backdraft stepping it up and was able to keep the mumble chatter alive while YHC was just trying to breath.  Not sure Manziel knew what he would be walking into during his vacaction but hope he enjoyed it.  It’s always great to have DR PAX visit!  Missing the rest of our regulars!  Especially Karma and Valvano who told YHC they would see me Thursday. Also, Penelope asking if we would be in the parking deck, as if he were going to show.

Thank you men!  It’s an honor to lead!

-Headgear OUT!!!!



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