U vs. U but go at my pace!

U vs. U but go at my pace!

Workout Date:



Rousey (RESPECT and 3rdF Co-Q)


Lombardi (RESPECT), Huey (soon to have his first 2.0!!), Baggage, Bling, OneCall, Fergie (WH AOQ), Jetah (2nd F Q), Valvano (1st F Q), Headgear (Nant'an), and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: High 30s, cold, but dry.

QIC / YHC seeing an open Q spot this week opted to move his Q that was later in the month to this morning to give the WaveRucker (WR) pros a break and get back into more consistent rucking. YHC has his sites set on GrowRuck #26 E.NC in March.  No Bear w/ Me or Robbie Miller ruck WODs.  The #weinke was to do just miles (“and smiles” as the GRTers say) and allow Pax to chose their weight that would accommodate those on IR (little to no weight) up to event prep. (45# and up).  And this would maximize opportunities to fellowship and solve all manner of world problems.  9 other Pax showed up.  And after a 1-minute warning, good morning, and an abbreviated disclaimer we headed out into the gloom…

Warm Up: YHC attempted to set a roughly 17 min. “fellowship pace”, but the crew went a bit faster with YHC saying something along the lines of “Its you vs. you, but go at my pace.”  YHC had to warm up his old man’s trick right knee LOL.

RUCK and MILES:  QIC lead the Pax on a ruck loop a little south of 5 miles that took us to the beach where we had a nostalgic GrowRuck #22 moment (a quick pic.) with the dreaded telephone poles (yep still there and will probably be for a decade), a pause taking in the beauty of God’s creation aka the beach, back to Market Commons, up a flight of stairs at the large parking garage and back to Forbus.

CASH OUT:  With apx. 10 minutes left, QIC lead a Pax choice of either continuing to ruck or run the nearby quarter mile track.

Miles and cash out done and time!

COR – abbreviated 10.
NOR — abbreviated.
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Headgear just sent out a comprehensive email that has the latest updates, All Fs, events, and direction of the region.  Important information here; please read!

NMMS 1: It was nice keeping it basic this morning at WR and doing miles — choose your weight and get after it!  Strong work by all!!

NMMS 2: OneCall handed me a 4-page list of questions (prior to launching out) that YHC initially thought were all possible questions (and lawyerly loop holes) on competing in the 2022 Shield Lock challenge.  They thankfully weren’t (as YHC read them post beatdown)…and after a quick scan 2 questions popped out that stuck in my head.  “What are you most grateful for?” and its opposite (but possibly intertwined as YHC had the same answer for both) “What stresses you out?”   Hmmm.  Good stuff here and YHC will share the questions to the Shield Lock teams to help them cultivate rich and potentially life changing discussion.

Honor to lead.



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