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Barney, Bob the Builder, Straplock, Superdave, Stuffed Crust, Tag Team, High Interest, One Call, Bling, Pert Plus, Pauly D, Punch List, Madam T, Bluegrass, Peach, Mudslide, Saved By The Bell, Skidmark, Whittle

The Thang:

445AM… coupons dropped in hidden location.

505AM… #PAX start rolling in. I was shocked at the amount of support that showed up! Much appreciated! Although there was no sign of Quaker or Prime…😫

514am… 1min warning, disclaimer given.

Music started… Playlist included

We Will Rock You, Fortunate Son, Walk On Water, Enter Sandman, Dangerzone, Thunderstruck, Born in the USA, Interstate Love Song, Slow Ride etc…

Q stated this workout would be in honor of all babies born prematurely, with permanent mental and/or physical problems. Q stated as much as our legs, arms, feet etc… hurt after a workout, there are babies being born every day that’ll never get the privilege of experiencing the pain we feel during and after a workout.

515am… Quickfeet on your own, drop when Q says drop! Push up and continue quickfeet.

520am… Slow Indian Run 4blocks to Tire Store downtown, so each #PAX gets several sprints in.

525am… High Knees on your own, drop when Q says drop! Push up and continue High Knees.

530am… Indian Run to “the hill” Sprint to top of hill… 5 merkins… plank while waiting on the 6, rinse and repeat 12 times!

533am… Indian Run 3 blocks to hidden parking lot and pick up coupons and get in teams of three. Coupons ranged from 25lbs to 45lbs… Hairburners were meant to be for 10min, but Barney reminded me of the house directly beside us, and said… we should probably knock it out quick and let the folks sleep. Q agreed.

540am… Run OYO back to Salvation Army “long wall” 5 blocks away. Balls to the wall Merkins (20) and then find the curb and do 20 dips, or as One Call says… “butt tappers” I didnt ask why. TMI. Even the Warrior draws the line somewhere. Lastly we used same curb for 1 min of Rocky Balboas.

545AM… Q asked Barney to lead us on a 5min scenic run back to the post, and he didnt fail. Lit alleyways, riverwalk etc…

550am… circle up, each man chose a workout and took us to the bell.

Prayers up for Superdaves daughter, Pert Plus adoption progress, Barneys mom and mother in law,  Peachs mother, Mudslides dad.

Announcements… F3 three year anniversary convergence next Month at Market Commons lead by Papa Smurf, Goldberg to AO #hasselhoff run group going forward.

Peach prayed us out.

And lastly, if there isn’t a picture, it didnt happen. So we all moseyed over to the peanut warehouse and took a sweaty stinky pic of a bunch of motley lookin #PAX!

Thanks to all that posted! It was much appreciated! Stay Ultimate guys! See yall in the gloom.


  1. Great job this morning Brother! Thank you for your leadership and growth and pushing men to be better versions of themselves!! Congrats on AOQ of Hasselhoff. I see some epic battles with SouthernBells!

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