Un recorrido por el parque

Un recorrido por el parque

Workout Date:





Cubby, Weasel, Viagra, Pikachu, Judge Judy (Hartsville), Flop

The Thang:

Conditions: 84 degrees and humid

Have started back working out on Saturday’s and have been a semi-consistent PAX at Timeshare.  If I am going to go up then I should take my turn to Q.  Pikachu texted Saturday night and said he was considering going up but was not 100% sure of the location.  This is the perfect opportunity to get him to drive me up there so I had him meet me by the house and he accepted (sucker).

The Thang:


Imperial Walkers x15

Hillbillies x15


Windmill x15

LBAC (forward and reverse) x15

Overhead Claps x15

Air Press x15

22 Merkins OYO


Hurricane Hoedown up to 7 – Turns out my math skills were not on point, no surprise

Mosey to the park

At the first set of picnic tables 15 Dips

Shoulder Tap Merkins up to 7 – This was a new idea and much harder than I thought.  1 Merkin and then 2 shoulder taps, one each side. Then 2 Merkins 4 shoulder taps, up to 7 Merkins and 14 shoulder taps.  Number 6 and 7 had everyone grunting.

Mosey to the fountain for some leg work

Step ups on the fountain

1 leg squats on the curb

Calf Raises

Flop Special Leg press (need a better name)

Monkey humpers

Mosey to main picnic area

Partner up – 3 sets of Abyss Merkins on the picnic tables while partner does AMRAP squats

Mosey back to original picnic table for a second smaller set of Dips and Shoulder Tap Merkins

Mosey to Fountain for second smaller set of leg sets.

Mosey to start point for some LBCs and stretching.


Count and Name a Rama

Standard announcements and COT

A good time was had by all, and there was much rejoicing.




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