Under the Weather Beatdown

Under the Weather Beatdown

Workout Date:





Piakchu, Crabs, Judge Judy, First Base, Jetah

The Thang:

Conditions– 67 degrees; Light rain in between bands of thunderstorms, but hit the radar just right

I was anticipating the poor weather conditions for my upcoming Q for a few days, so I prepped accordingly to take shelter underneath the church awning. “O’Douls” doesn’t like getting wet as much as Pikachu doesn’t like lightning. However, no rain nor potential for severe thunderstorms will stop these #HIM from coming out….at least 6 of the crew!

I was very close to fartsacking my own Q this morning since I have been feeling “under the weather” all week, but I’m glad I posted and got .5% better!

I didn’t give the one minute warning, so JJ stepped up to keep me on track. Actually, he wanted to high- jack my Q

Disclaimer was given and the mission was stated… some fun mumblechatter that JJ was on Q 🙂


30- Hairy Rockettes IC

15- Good Mornings IC

15- WMHs IC

30- IWs IC

30- Plank Jacks IC

30- Shoulder Tapes IC

15- BACs IC

15- BACs IR IC

15- Chinooks (squat position) IC

15- Chinooks (squat position) IR IC

The Thang

Directed PAX to line up with one of the columns under the awning, and each PAX will perform the following set of exercise at each column until they reach back to their starting column:

3 Burpees OYO

5 Squats OYO

5 Big Boys OYO

SSHs until the PAX in front of you completed set and moved to next column

Next, the following set of exercises were performed IC (4 rounds):

10 Merkins IC YHC, 30 SSHs IC JJ, mosey around parking lot

10 Merkins IC YHC, 20 LBCs IC First Base,  30 SSHs IC JJ, mosey around parking lot

10 Merkins IC YHC, 20 MCs- Jetah, 20 LBCs First Base, 30 SSHs IC JJ, mosey around parking lot

10 Merkins IC YHC, 30 Squats IC Crabs, 20 LBCs First Base, 20 MCs IC Jetah, 30 SSHs IC JJ, mosey around entire AO back to front of church

Repeat all exercises down the line of PAX: 10 Merkins IC Pikachu, 10 Merkins IC YHC, 30 Squats IC Crabs, 30 SSHs IC JJ, First Base IC First Base, 20 MCs IC Jetah


MARY- 30 Flutters IC YHC




Announcements- Freed to Bleed event- 4/29, 2nd F events explained by Jetah- scavenger hunt- 4/24, New Directions fundraiser (donations welcomed to reach his $1,000 goal, currently at $400), new Q sheet is live on F3GrandStrand website as a Google Calendar. YHC has no more access 🙂 lol

I prayed us out and praises to Pikachu’s 2.0 on being accepted into the ATA program. Way to go kid! #prouddaddy

As always, it’s an honor to lead and have accountability from these #HIM. I struggled a lot this gloom!


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