Unofficial Hulkamania Half Marathon

Unofficial Hulkamania Half Marathon

Workout Date:





Vitamin D, El Red Cardo, Headgear, Flyover, Hamburglar, Skidmark, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 72, slight breeze, no humidity

So this is it. The long awaited ‘long run’ of the week (Each Sunday PAX stretch our run time in preparation of the MBMini). This week’s ‘long run’ was special because it was 2 weeks prior to the Mini and the official running schedule (Thanks again High Interest) states that we would be running 13.1 miles!! While some of the regular PAX put in this mileage a week or two ago, today was the designated day to get it done! Flyover was first to hold the other PAX to account last night on Twitter and HCs came rolling in. Hamburglar who ran a solo Mini 2 weeks ago was hungry for more, Skidmark gave a luke warm HC, and YHC jumped in with his HC, too. Vitamin D, Headgear, and Sunshine committed to 10 miles, and twitterless ERC was a wild card (would he choose 10 or 13? #GameTimeDecision)!

Driving down Frontage Rd B-2, ERC pulled in front of me from his neighborhood, The Bluffs. As we pulled into the Hulk, Headgear, Hamburglar, and Vitamin D were already there.  Skidmark was next to arrive as I knew he would. But where was Flyover? The PAX who got this ball rollin’  . . . ‘He was on his way’ as evidenced by a text that I didn’t see until the run was over.

5:59 – One Minute Warning.

6:00 – Lets go, but wait there are headlights in the distance and they were approaching at an accelerated pace! Then an unfamiliar Silver Nissan Armada came barreling into the lot and slid to a stop in front of the PAX! Out stepped Flyover . . .”Nice Ride” . . . “It’s a rental!” . . . Flyover was dressed in his short shorts and ready to run! If you thought the PAX liked the rental car, they were truly envious of Flyover’s running garb!! Lots of mumblechatter.

“Who’s got the course directions?” . . . Sunshine did, but where was he? 2nd text that YHC did not get this morning let us know that Sunshine would be a no post!” No worries, he got his 13.1 miles in last week and we were big boys and could run our own path.

Headlamps were lit and we were off; down the service road and into the Gloom.

The THANG: All PAX started out with a fellowship pace (9:30) and we continued this pace throughout most of the run. Today was not about time, it was about mind. 13.1 miles is a daunting task, not for the physicality of it but because it is a psychological barrier. Until you run it for the first time, the distance seems out of reach, but once you do it and survive you realize it was no big deal and the next time will be much better!

We ran down the service road and into the Grande Dunes. Through the neighborhood and up and over the GD’s bridge. At the base of the bridge, the PAX who were running 10 miles (Headgear, ERC, Vit D )turned right onto Marina Parkway and the PAX running 13.1(Hamburglar, Flyover, Skidmark, and YHC) turned left into the Bel Harbor section of the Grande Dunes.

We ran to the gate of Bel Harbor and dipped in to the woods briefly before coming out on the other side as we continued through Bel Harbor until we reach a dead-end Cul de Sac at which time we turned around and headed back towards the gate.

As we dipped back into the woods, Headgear was leading the way, followed by Flyover, YHC, and Skidmark. Unfortunately for Skidmark, YHC got caught on a low branch as we navigated around the security gate. Said branch then snapped back and slapped Skidmark just below the belt! “You ok?”, YHC asked. “Yeah, no problem . . .it just hit me square in the nuts!!” Luckily, Skidmark has balls of steal and he just kept on running!!

It was about this time that we also discovered why Flyover was running at a fellowship pace (we knew this PAX is much faster), apparently he had a deuce on deck and it was slowing him down. So we agreed to run towards a new development and hopefully find a Port-a-John (Ala’ Crankbait 2017 & High Interest 2018) at the intersection of 82nd Ave and Marina Pwy we turned left and crossed Bypass 17.

As we neared Business 17, Flyover found his development and pulled in for a well-deserved pit stop. Flyover told the rest of the PAX to carry on and he would catch up to us.

The rest of the PAX, Hamburglar, Skidmark, & YHC continued on and crossed business 17 following 82nd Avenue til its terminus at the Grande Dunes Beach Cabana. We then descended a flight of stairs, snaked through the dunes and ran onto the beach.  For the next 1.5-2 miles we ran the beach and enjoyed the early morning views.

When we reached the Island Vista Resort, approximately the 9 mile mark, we found a water fountain for some quick hydration (Good Call Skidmark!). At this point we left the beach and re-entered the road run at the workout stations along Ocean Drive. We continued to run Ocean Drive until it intersected 48th Avenue. The PAX than ran west on 48th Ave, across business 17 until we reached Grissom Drive.

Parallel to Grissom, we ran the run path that crosses over Granddaddy Drive/Pines Lakes Golf Course as it bends and begins to parallel Business 17. As we ran along this run path Hamburglar took the lead by about 20-25 yrds followed by YHC and then Skidmark 25-30 yrds in the rear. Halfway on this path, working our way to 62nd Avenue, YHC heard footsteps pounding behind me at a furious pace. Did Skidmark’s P.E.D.’s kick in?? Close, but no cigar . . . it was our wayward PAX, Flyover, catching and passing each of us at a blistering 7:20 pace for his last mile. Apparently when Flyover got back to his run after taking care of nature’s business, he could not find us (how could he? We were off the grid and . . .  on the beach). Flyover presumably ran parallel to the beach  PAX and unbeknownst to anyone passed us before we re-entered the road.

Not being able to find us & thinking he was somehow behind us, Flyover kicked up his pace to just over 7 minute mile and ran all the way to 38th Avenue before turning north up to 48th Avenue and onto the run path.

Flyover finished his 13.1 right at the intersection of 62nd Avenue just under 2 hours (1:56), which include a 4-5 minute potty break!! Great work! Flyover than continued to run with the remaining PAX until we finished our 13.1 miles midway along the Barc Parc. All PAX after completing 13.1 got some bonus miles in on our way back to the Hulk . . . 14.28 miles in total!! Awesome. . .!

Moleskin: Skidmark for the past 4-5 Sundays has run further than he has ever run before and today was no different. #Inspiration. Flyover is a stone cold running machine! (Maybe we all need to sport short-shorts) #Inspiration. Unlike most runs in which the PAX talk about running, Hamburglar talked about benching, deadlifting, & lifting heavy stuff in general. Then we talked about running . . . has he been converted? Hamburglar now looks forward to our weekly runs as much as YHC does. #Inspiration. Great things are happening at F3 GrandStrand!! Everyone’s been training hard for the Mini and in my humble opinion will not only complete the race but dominate it!!! #ISI





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