Unofficial Official Birthday Q

Unofficial Official Birthday Q

Workout Date:





Bling, Boxcar, Lombardi, Spinal Tap, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

So Valvano closed gave us an awesome beatdown on the last Waverucker of 2020, and YHC wanted to keep that ball rolling as we start 2021. Spoiler alert, I failed. YHC took this Q as this would be my last Waverucker at the spry age of 35. YHC also had the Q on Saturday for the official Birthday Q but willing stepped aside so we can give Weasel all our love and attention as this Saturday will be his last Q before he has to report to CWO school. So that made today even more special as this now became my unofficial birthday Q. Or as the March Hare and Mad Hatter would say in Alice in Wonderland my Unbirthday Q.

A call was sent forth for those willing to get better and face the dark and cold pre-dawn air to bring a 60-ish pound sandbag with them. YHC said 60-ish because we learned at Elevation Monday that some bags we above the standard, and some bags were a little below the standard, #28grams. YHC also brought some part favors to share with the group.

YHC was the first to arrive at the AO and started getting things set up for the festivities to fallow. The Plantation Lakes Clown car was next to arrive with the usual suspects minus OneCall, miss you brother, Spinal Tap finished out the guest list. Valvano posted in slack that he was not going to make, don’t know if anyone saw it prior to the beatdown or if no-one cared, either way to cut it nothing was mentioned about him not being there, missed you too.

The coupon cache list

  • 1 Alice pack with 40# sandbag in it
  • 2 sections of 50′ 2.5″ hose, weight approx 50#
  • 2 50 cal. ammo cans, weight approx 20-25 pounds each.

Pax divided up the coupons, and we started off. Switching the coupons was done at pax discretion. After our first mile we circled up for some pt.

Pt. pit stop #1

  • 12 ruck OH lunges
  • 12 ruck OH squats
  • 12 OH press
  • 12 ruck swings
  • 12 skull crushers
  • 12 merkins (ruck warn at pax discretion)
  • rinse and repeat.

Change up coupons and ruck a second mile till we got to pt stop #2.

Pt pit stop #2

  • 12 minute AMRAP
  • Partner 1
    • 10 merkins (sans ruck)
    • 12 big boy sit-ups
    • 15 squats
  • Partner 2
    • Overhead hold of two rucks, one in each hand.
    • switch when partner 1 is done with squats

Due to time constraints and uneven numbers pt pit stop #3 was bypassed and we headed back to the AO. We all returned safely to the AO after getting in a 3.18 mile ruck, some PT and amazing fellowship time.

Circled up for BOM and YHC prayed us out.


Timeshare convergence to celebrate Weasel. There will be a preruck at 0600. Just miles and fellowship.

Prayer Requests

Lombardi’s cousin had some unexpected complications with her cancer treatment. Prayers for comfort, recovery and peace for the family as well as wisdom for the her care team.

Blings sister had a TIA, mini-stroke, she is doing better. Once again prayers for comfort, recovery, healing, and peach and wisdom for her care team

Spinal Tap has a lady at his church that is continuing her fight with cancer. Prayers for her and her family and loved ones, as well as he care team.

Boxcar’s daughter was able to ship 4 care packages to a soldier serving in Qatar. Prayers for his safety and the safety of those around him and that the package will get there.


Always a pleasure to lead you fine gentlemen. Thank for the opportunity.

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