Unshackling the Republic Warriors

Unshackling the Republic Warriors

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Goldberg (QIC), Barney, BigWheels, Peach, SuperDave, Saved By the Bell, Bob the Builder, Law and Order, Sitework, GrassPatch, TagTeam, MudSlide, Straplock, FNG "TinTop"

The Thang:

500AM… YHC discreetly hides 10 concrete blocks by the old Conway bridge. Each block had a workout taped to it… upside down for later.

505AM… The onslaught of beatdown starved PAX start arriving and the mumblechatter begins. I couldn’t help but grin the entire time, as I knew I was fixing to bring the PAIN!

515AM… Disclaimer given and welcomed our unknowing FNG.

The Thang…

20 TTT in cadence

That was enough stretching. I said… “let’s mosey” and that we did. I went straight for the bridge and never looked back… knowing the PAX were hating this. But, I wanted to get everyone nice and woken up for another glorious Monday. Each man ran the bridge, back and forth and we met back at the bottom.

I asked everyone to grab a partner and each group was instructed to grab a block and read their exercise… BUT KEEP it to YOURSELF! I gave each pair an opportunity to trade out their block w/exercise with another group… this was hilarious! As little did they know… EVERY BLOCK had the SAME exercise taped to it! Hahahaha! We would ALL run the bridge AGAIN with the 30lb block in tow! The looks on their faces was nothing but pure joy! Hahahah!

Each group took off and PUT IN WORK! We ran the bridge with blocks and got better!

We then carried our newfound coupons to the nearest parking lot and lined up for some B.O.M.B.S

50 Burpees

100 Overhead Presses

150 Merkins

200 Baby Crunches

250 Squats

All in a rotating fashion. One PAX ran the parking lot, while the other did the exercises. It sucked so ULTIMATELY!

I then capped it off with a MudSlide special and we did DeathByMerkins!

10 Hand Release Merkins every minute for 10 minutes… planking when you’re done. We only got thru 6 rounds before YHC called it due to time constraints and numbness throughout my entire upper body.

We moseyed back to the WaterTower and circled up. While YHC grabbed the phone, GrassPatch did the honors and called some sort of upside down spider leg/ab workout. BigWheels and myself deemed it the Willy B in honor of the Gamecock football stadium.

NameO Rama, and FNG was named… TinTop due to his roofing background.

Announcements and Prayer requests were made. YHC prayed us out, and what was ULTIMATE had ended.

As always, men of Conway F3nation… It was an absolute honor to lead you guys! Thanks for the ongoing support, and I hope each of you got better today.



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