Until Failure

Until Failure

Workout Date:



Cross Stitch


Squirt, Snips (R), Shoeless (2xR), Backdraft, Hoser, Fergie (R), Spinal Tap, Cross Stitch (YHC)

The Thang:

I’ve been looking forward to my first opportunity to Q at Warthog, but didn’t anticipate a mild back injury two days ago or a night of rough sleep due to my wife streaming Gilmore Girls all night (That intro song is maddening and will wake you up everytime). I wasn’t as chipper as usual, nevertheless, we make the most of it.

I arrived 10 minutes ahead of time as PAX rolled in, Fergie walked up from his solo contemplative stroll in the gloom, 7 of us were ready to roll. My plan required 8 PAX, so I was grateful that Spinal Tap arrived just in time. Typical welcome and disclaimers, short warmup because I had grand aspirations for the morning. I hate bugs, so we headed over the hill and over the bridge to Valor Garden, let’s begin:

Indian Run The Square – I’m famous and well respected for my variations of the Indian Run across the Grand Strand, so we started at one fountain, where one PAX got to choose how we get to the next fountain, then they head to back of the line and the next PAX chooses how to get to the next fountain, rinse and repeat until everybody gets a chance. These PAX had creative ways and it turned out to be a strong start.

Square of Pain – Everybody partnered up, there would be two PAX at each fountain corner, with YHC being the “timer”. When I finished my set, I would run to their corner, causing them to run to the next corner, until everybody hit each corner. Hoser chose a core workout first, the four corners were LBCs, Plank-arenas, dying cockroach, and freddy mercury. We tweaked a little for the next round by Hoser’s recommendation, and did two minutes per corner of upper body: merkins, carolina dry docks, ranger merkins, and wide arm merkins. Too many merkins? Yes. My goal was to work until failure, which by the feedback from the PAX, we succeeded.

Time was out- across the bridge and over the hill for CoT. Prayers for family struggling through domestic abuse and alcoholism. Blood drive coming up, Christmas party, BRR. It was a good morning

I briefly shared a thought from Atomic Habits book, that a new habit should be under 2 minutes. The habit of showing up in the gloom is not really an hour+ new habit, because once you show up, it takes care of itself. The only habit is to wake up to your early alarm, put your shoes on, and get in the car.

So… wake up, put your shoes on, and get in the car. That’s all it takes to start your day right with some fitness, fellowship, and faith.