Up the garage, over the fence and to the beach

Up the garage, over the fence and to the beach

Workout Date:





OneCall, Weedeater, GrilledCheese(2.0), Boxcar, Flash, Weasel, Viagra (R), Cubby, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Timeshare

Conditions: Hot and Humid

YHC had not posted at Timeshare yet.  The closest YHC has been is the Quarantine Sprint Ruck but no actual beatdowns.  Wanting to post somewhere and actually doing it are two different things so YHC jumped on the Q sheet so there wouldn’t be any way to back out…plus Rousey was on Q at Warthog and YHC didn’t want to carry the bucket!  So what does Timeshare have to offer?  Quaker dropped some tips as did OneCall.  YHC took a drive up during the week to scope out the area but still wasn’t sure of how this would play out. As usual, worked on the weinke the night before and the plan started to fall into place…sort of.


1 Minute Warning


Mos….. wait Weasel rolling in…. The PAX will do SSHs until he joins us….….50…seriously!  Okay this is ridiculous, let’s do Merkins…30 of them before Weasel joined in.  Now its time to mosey.

Where’s the parking deck.  Avista on 4th.  Let’s go.

About this time, the weinke in my pocket is out the window.

Each level – 5 burpees and 10 squats.  Sprint to the next level and repeat all the way up!  How many levels is this place.  Felt endless.  View at the top was awesome!

Next, mosey back towards Main St.  Ooooo. What’s that there?  The big empty lot has some new fencing.  Ranch style fencing that makes for great obstacles.  The PAX are re-routed to the lot.  Directions are to hop each fence all the way out, sprinting to the next, then turn around and repeat on the way back.  4 out and 4 back?  Most of us were doing the one or two handed vault while Flash did a full jump knees to chest with no hands over each one!  He’s a beast!

Next, continue our mosey to the beach access at Main St.  Find a spot on the wall for 25 step ups when Moby’s “Flower” (Bring Sally Up) came across my playlist.  YHC has been waiting for this day!  The PAX will get into plank position and push up and go back down per the lyrics.  The song is 3 minutes 26 seconds and felt like forever!

As we got up from our pools of sweat, we continued on to the beach where we partnered up and lined up for Doras.

50 Merkins, 100 Squats, 150 BBSUs while partner runs to the surf with the option for a surfee or stopping before the surf for 1 burpee before coming back.

After finishing the Doras, mosey back to the AO but not before stopping on the wall for a set of 25 dips and a plank while waiting on Flash to get whatever he forgot on the sand.

Back to the AO with 3 minutes left, and YHC gave the next option  to Weasel since on this day in 1798, Congress established the US Marine Corp as a it’s own branch of the US Military and well, Weasel is a Marine.  Weasel quickly and correctly blurted out the official Marine Corps birthday as November 10th.  He then proceeded to direct the PAX to the hidden coupons behind the convenience store discretely covered in weeds and empty beer bottles.  We were two coupons short but what’s a little coupon sharing amongst brothers.

10 coupon presses then rest 5 seconds for some length of time.

10 curls then rest 5 seconds for a similar length of time.



Announcements – Freed to Bleed and 2.0 workouts

Prayers –

Application of generous amounts of hand sanitizer!



Timeshare is awesome!  It was great to Q where with the Timeshare regulars, Weasel, Cubby and Viagra.  It was also super cool to have my Warthog brothers, BoxCar, OneCall, Flash and Weedeater drive all the way up for the beatdown!  Weedeater gets the prize for farthest drive all the way from BlackBeard territory!  It was great that he brought his 2.0, GrilledCheese, who crushed it.  It was hot and humid and we were all spent!  Time for Coffeteria at DDs on Weasel!  If you have not posted here, do it!  Q it while you’re at it!  This is a great AO!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

Headgear out!

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