Use that thing anyway you want to use it!

Use that thing anyway you want to use it!

Workout Date:





Wolverine, Vitamin D, Rousy, Penelope, Headgear, hamburglar

The Thang:

Wow my first Q at Beach bells oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!! What shall I do, what shall I do???? So much to think about!!

Well I guess I was over excited for this whole first Q on kettlebell workout!! So exciting!! Well arrived at normal outside area for my beat down and right behind me was Wolverine then Hamburglar, Rousy, Headgear arrived. Holy crap Penelope!!! Thought he had surgery?? Turns out his doctor bolted on vacation. Penelope did not seem to be upset about that either. Can’t say that I blame him. 1 minute warning gentlemen! Guys, Look, another truck coming in…..who is that?? AAAAhhhhhh Vitamin D in da HOOOUUUSSEEEEE! Lets get started already, good grief.

Conditions FABULOUS 70 Degrees



So We had a really heavy bucket and a really heavy bat which I sad “just use that thing anyway you want to” hence the title name lol.

I crack myself up.

Start with swings on Kettles and lugging 800 lb bucket 25 yards and back with a nice bear hug on that sucker. Ok Ok Ok maybe not 800lbs but felt like it. We did this for two rounds.

Next Biceps and Triceps. My favorite! One round of biceps then one round of triceps reps 10 each. Oh and The Bucket of course. We also used heavy bat during these exercises.

Next up LEGS!

Not my favorite lol

Lunges, Goblet squats, Sumo squats Reps 10 each. 2 rounds

Ok, During Legs we used bucket for incline merkins and decline merkins seems the PAX didn’t mind lol.

Wolverine calls out got to go!!! Must leave early Thanks for the workout! Ok Wolverine enjoy your day!!

Next up ABS!!

American hammers, Flutter Kicks with bench press combination Lovely around the world move with heavy Bat. 1 Round.

Last but not least shoulders! ok now I am getting winded lets get this thing over with before the guys start laughing at me!

Individual presses and double hand presses. Also used bucket and Bat on this one.



Name A Rama ( In my head that is lol)

Prayers out too Gino his dad and family. Love you man stay strong!

Again, always a honor to lead you fine gentlemen!! Thank you for making me a better man!


Billboard out!

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