Valentines Honored Together

Valentines Honored Together

Workout Date:



Billboard & Jingles


Geno, Texas Ranger, Franklin, Spork, Brown bag (respect), Crankbait, Beef steak, Billboard (respect), Jingles (respect)

The Thang:

Day started 4:15 with journey to pick up partner Billboard, loaded up coupons in truck, then journey to AO Village.  As you could imagine we planned Q out earlier in week.  Thanks to Texas Ranger/Brown bag on Twitter yesterday really elevating hype for this workout Q’ed by not one but two Warthog elder statesmen.  So we parked in the shadows for location of coupon needs and also so all would think we weren’t there.  Then we sat on front porch preparing our minds and body for this epic Valentines Q!!?

We sat contemplating whom would allow us the honor of leading them to start this day.  Sitting in the rockers provided by the day care that resides at this AO.  Then as pax started showing up with about 5 minutes before we mosied around to side parking lot where normal start of Village.  As the first few were AO leaders Texas Ranger (village) & Headgear (Warthog) putting flags in ground.

one minute warning given, then it begins.  The legal stuff was stated to start the thing!!

Billboard stared us off with 5 different stretching exercises.

then Both Q’s started exercises alternating all IC


imperial walkers -20


big boys-20

monkey hampers-20

merkins- 22  in recognition of each day 22 veterans

tempo squats-20

LB arm circles- forward 14-reverse 14-air presses -14

mosey to entrance of field for Indian run with 5 – merkins before run to front

this would take us completely around property to other side and end at front of building to begin partnership work to begin.  So not to make any pax jealous Billboard and myself chose other partner!

partner 1 grabbed a block to begin round one

#1-  25 block burpee       #2- run to speed bump /back

25 flashnators                  Run speed bump/ back

25 squat thrushes            Run speed bump/ back

25 block to GOD              Run speed bump/ back

group plank jacks IC wait on six

round two rinse and repeat !!

next section of workout is intro to sandblocks Billboard explains where and what we do at sandblocks

curls block 12 -10-8-6    Four rounds 12 breathers     10 breather   8 breather   6

extension lift w/block   12  breather  10  breather  8

place blocks in truck mosey back to flag

heals to heaven for last exercise

count off 10-namearama – announcements

10 year anniversary push to get it here- big Q at Warthog tomorrow Flash returns- February 22 conversion at Doug Shaw stadium for video also to promote for anniversary bid

praise/prayer requests       Jingles job prospects 💪 praise!!

prayers for Weedeater, Papa Smurf, kids sicknesses throughout paxs

Jingles takes us out in prayer 🙏🏻

As always an honor to lead our brothers!!



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