Varsity’s Beat Down – We Are Stronger Together

Varsity’s Beat Down – We Are Stronger Together

Workout Date:





OneCall, Mudslide, Quaker, Chewy, Hefty, Sunshine, Crankbait, Froyos, Grunge, Gutterball, and Rousey

The Thang:

I arrived a little early to search out the coupons that were still left at Bombsquad.  While my workout called for a coupon for every member of the four-man groups, I had to be satisfied with two per group.  Guess everyone lucked out today.

Disclaimer: This is my first Q in nearly a year, so please do not judge me too harshly.  I am not a professional so please go at your own pace.

We started off with some laughter and a littler chatter as everyone cautiously prepared for the beat down to come.

Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC
Through the tunnel – 20 IC (3 count)
Windmill – 20 IC (3 count)
Little baby arm circles 20 IC then reverse
Right over left- stretch and hold
Left over right – stretch and hold

At this point, I divided the Pax up into groups of four – actually I am math challenged so I ended up with 4 groups of 3.  Once I corrected for my error, I described the fun to come.  There were 7 total exercises:

Burpees (100 count)
Merkins (200 count)
Squats (300 count)
Big Boys (400 count)
Flutter Kicks (500 count)
Carolina Dry Docks (600 count)
American Hammers (700 count)

Each group had to complete the number of reps in total before they could take the long run around the campus. The first run each group had to carry one coupon followed by two in the second run.  The rest of the exercises switched back and forth between one and two coupons each run.  The groups had to stay together to encourage each other and share the load, literally and metaphorically.

One more round through all seven exercises was planned with the reps to be cut in half, but time did not allow.  We finished the last exercise just as the clock turned to 6:15.

No MARY today.

Announcement: OneCall clued everyone in to the changing websites and how we will be hosting our own F3 site at the beach.  He also reminded us about the upcoming Pelicans’ game on the 5th of August.  Quaker lifted up a call to prayer for his childhood friend Troy who lost his daughter Vaughn and his family home to a fire.

I (Varsity) lead the Pax in a prayer

Moleskin:  It was truly an honor and a privilege to lead such a fine group of men.  The theme of our workout today was that we are stronger together.  With so many brothers in our midst and throughout the country suffering through losses and struggles, I urged everyone to keep looking for ways to pick up those around us who need help and prayers.  The more we look outward instead of focusing on our own needs, we are doing God’s work.  As I looked around me, I saw a group of men who are putting in the hard work to become better husbands, better fathers and better men.  I am proud to be a small part of such a group of leaders!

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