VETERANS and FNGs at the PitStop

VETERANS and FNGs at the PitStop

Workout Date:





Kitten, Papyrus, Armstrong (Michael, FNG from the shelter), Thorpe (James, FNG), Cheetah (FNG, Kitten's 2.0)

The Thang:

It was a great, cool morning at the Pit Stop when I arrived with my 2.0 at 7. We attempted to EH a few guys and ended up with 2 FNGs in addition to my 2.0. I gave the 1-minute warning at 7:29 followed by the disclaimer at 7:30.

We kicked things off with 20 ssh ic, 20 ttt ic, 20 iw ic, 20 arm circles (forward and reverse) ic, and 20 overhead presses ic.

The Thang: With it being the day before Veterans Day, we did a Dora-style routine I made up called VETERAN:

V: Vaccuum cleaners – one partner holds the other partners legs in the air like they are a vacuum cleaner while the other partner crawls forward. At the end of the parking lot, the one crawling does 10 merkins. Partners switch places. Each partner did a total of 2 crawls and 20 merkins.

E: Extra ssh – one partner did ssh while the other ran a lap around the parking lot. Each tandem did a total of 150 ssh.

T: Turkish get-ups (50 as a team)

E: empty wheelbarrows – like the vacuum cleaner, but without any merkins. Each partner crawled a total of three times.

R: Ranger merkins (75)

A: American hammers (200)

N: non-alternating shoulder taps – we modified after a few near face-plants and did 75 alternating shoulder taps instead.

We concluded the workout with 22 merkins oyo in honor of the 22 veterans who take their own lives each day.

Armstrong got his name because he bikes everywhere. Thorpe was named after Jim Thorpe because he used to play a lot of different sports. Cheetah got his name because he kept up with Kitten during all their laps together around the parking lot.

Everybody did great! Please come out when you can to support Armstrong and Thorpe!

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