Veterans Day, round 2

Veterans Day, round 2

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Billboard, Flash, Jingles (RESPECT), Crankbait, Brown Bag (RESPECT), Rocky Top, Handy Manny, Vitamin D, Quaker, Rubber, Buffet, Texas Ranger, Sponge (FNG Jason), Redcoat, Beefsteak, Boxcar, Rousey, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

50.  Very nice

Got there early to set up the coupons.  Wanted to get as much work in as possible during the 45 minutes.  Saw Handy’s truck all alone.  Nobody took him up on his offer for a running clinic.  25 coupons set up.

Lots of #HIM this am.  Texas Ranger brought a FNG and then some #Kotters appeared too.   Great turnout!

1 minute warning

22 Merkins – single count cadence – #22Kills
SSHs x 15 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Enough warmup – mosey to large parking lot

YHC had tweeted that this was a Veteran and FNG friendly workout/challenge we had both and everywhere in between, so I hope everyone got something out of this!  There was a stone for everybody!  Grab one!

Round 1 – 11 minutes AMRAP
11 Curls
11 Tricep extensions
11 Shoulder presses
11 Bent over rows
11 Good mornings
Run back and forth

22 Merkins – single count cadence – #22Kills

Round 1 – 11 minutes AMRAP
11 Squats
11 Lunges (count each leg)
11 Calf Raises
11 Jump Squats
11 Block swings
Run back and forth

22 Merkins – single count cadence – #22Kills

Round 3 – 11’s
4 Count flutter kicks on this side with block press – start at 1
Run across, do burpees – start at 10
Keep going 11’s style – 2, 9/3, 8/etc
Didn’t quite have time to finish, but some men came very close!

Back to start….
22 Merkins – single count cadence – #22Kills


Count-O-Rama – 18, with 1 FNG
Name-O-Rama – Named FNG Sponge – trauma surgeon
Prayer requests and PRAISE for Veterans and our FREE COUNTRY!
Prayer requests – Rubber and Work
Prayer requests – Brown Bag’s SIL Michelle battling cancer
Prayer requests unspoken

– Once again, a total honor to Q on this holiday honoring our Veterans who have fought and continue to fight for our great country and our freedom to assemble, to worship as we please, to basically enjoy FREEDOM!!!  I didn’t bring this up cause I probably woulda lost it…but today would have been my grandfather’s birthday – I was very close with him, and in his last years, watching him relate stories of his childhood, living through the Depression, and his time in service with my kids, his great-grandkids, are memories I will never forget.  He passed 2 years ago, and my F3 Brothers were there in force supporting me, lifting me up, and praying for me and my family.  He was a WWII Veteran and I personally dedicated today to him.  He fought overseas, taking shrapnel for this country.  He fought alongside men of every religion, every nationality, every background.  As I see the hatred and evil around this country, it really makes me sick.  The Greatest Generation fought for us to be able to do and say as we please and have freedom.   Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing for people to actually HONOR that generation and the rights they have because of those great men and women, and of course, ALL of those that have served this country!  I humbly give all HONOR and RESPECT to those that have served and are currently serving.  THANK YOU!

– Boxcar taken over AOQ spot at #TheVillage last week!
– #TheVillage – shirt order still open – get with Rubber
– 40 day prayer challenge with your M – from Nov 15 – Dec 25 – check out Vitamin D’s BB
– Brown Bag turned 53 yesterday!  Billboard will be 49 Thursday!!
– Thursday – at #Warthog – WPDE coming to film us for Good Morning Carolinas.  From 0500-0700.  Be there when/if you can!  Normal bootcamp from 0530-0615 and then whatever extra is needed for the show.
– Be on the lookout for information on our 4th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!  Final plans should come out this coming week.


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