Veterans Day, USMC Bday, and a lot of work!!

Veterans Day, USMC Bday, and a lot of work!!

Workout Date:





Lombardi, Geno, Billboard, Weedeater, Varsity, Bubbles, Flash, Jingles (RESPECT), Hamburglar, Rainbow Bright, Takeout, Headgear, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Low 50’s and nice.  Field was a swamp.  O well.

Veterans Day weekend.  Time to honor our Veterans with a crazy stupid Q by YHC.  I found what seemed to be a pretty brutal Veterans Day Hero WOD online…and made it MUCH harder.  Cause, we are F3.  Saw the regular crew, and 3 newbies from the past week.  Well, newbie or not, they would crush this workout!!  Or modify as needed of course.  And as I was later informed, merlot as needed!

1 minute warning – also told the guys to partner up with someone of relatively the same fitness level.

Veterans Day – of course start with 22 single count merkins – #22Kills
SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
90 seconds to stretch legs and shoulders especially based on upcoming workout

Mosey to the field where the following were laid out for The THANG

2 x 20 lb KBs
2 x 30 lb KBs
2 x 40 lb KBs
2 x 50 lb KBs
Sandbags – 40, 60, 60 ,60, 80

Men told there were a variety of weights and types.  Choose what you needed for the exercises

As partners, 400m run around the track

DORA style – P1 do reps, P2 run across and back – cumulative count
100 Front/Goblet Squats
100 Swings
30 Partner over burpees – P1 plank, P2 do a burpee, explode over P1 into another burpee – 10, 10, 5, 5
[This was insane so was modified for time and to not kill everyone – modified to 10 each time – 5 each partner – BUT if we had a little more time…we would have kept at 30!!]

100 Cleans
100 One Arm Press
10 Partner over burpees

100 Merkins
100 Bent Over Rows
10 Partner over burpees

400m Run to the playground
50 Pull-ups
100 Box Jumps (on the benches)
10 Partner over burpees

We were supposed to get back to DORA, but time and the nice mushy flooring of the playground kept us there for:

100 4 count flutters – we did these IC
100 BBSU’s
10 Partner over burpees

Head back to the weights – thanks Hamburglar for the sprint push here
100 Curls
100 Tricep Extensions
10 Partner over burpees

400m run was supposed to finish, but in the interest of time, we skipped this (still tracked 2.4 miles on the watch), to not only finish up by honoring Veterans, but also the USMC’s 243rd birthday by everyone doing 22 merkins again (creative math)


Count-O-Rama – 13
Prayer requests and PRAISE for Veterans and our FREE COUNTRY!
Prayer requests unspoken

– A total honor to Q on a holiday weekend honoring our Veterans who have fought and continue to fight for our great country and our freedom to assemble!!!
– Happy birthday USMC!
– As usual, Varsity and Bubbles paired up and kicked butt.  Had to keep Bubbles in check on his squats – but he also ran 6 miles to and then from the workout!!
– Flash and Headgear made a strong team as well….the PAX voted and said Flash must wear more clothes so he stops embarassing the rest of us
– Great partnering with Lombardi and Hamburglar as we had an odd man out.  Enjoyed talking some rugby!!
– Billboard carried his team with Geno.  LOL!  JK.  Both men are strong of course.
– Jingles and Rainbow Bright made pretty colors and sounds come out of their belly tattoos the whole time.  #TruthNugget
– Weedeater and Takeout strongly and solidly kept pushing through this whole thing!!  Great work!
– Enjoyed 5 PAX at #coffeeteria as well!  Billboard – stay on that EH that walked by – easy Q next Saturday with Weedeater – it’ll be a good day for a FNG

– Monday – YHC has the #BombSquad Q with another Veterans Day Q planned!  It’s different that this one…so don’t be scared!!  Come on out!
– Thursday – at #Warthog – WPDE coming to film us for Good Morning Carolinas.  From 0500-0700.  Be there when/if you can!  Normal bootcamp from 0530-0615 and then whatever extra is needed for the show.
– Be on the lookout for information on our 4th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!  Final plans should come out this coming week.


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