Veterans Day Weekend Q

Veterans Day Weekend Q

Workout Date:





Viper (2x Respect / F3 Anson), Virus (Respect / F3Gastonia), Rousey, Billboard, Weedeater, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:


AO: Warthog

Conditions: Clear, 36 Degrees, 71% Humidity…Cold

Veterans Day is a special day designated to recognize all those who have served in the US Armed Forces.  There are 20.4 million US Veterans in the United States among a total population of 327 million people.  There are currently 1.3 million active duty US Military personal; Army 472k, Navy 319k, USMC 184k, USAF 319k, USCG 41k.  Another 800k serve in the reserves.  Percentage wise: 6% of the population has served and less than 1% are currently serving in the US Military.

The Average deployment is 7.7 months with the average service member being deployed twice.  Averages don’t serve these numbers justice because those that have served through the last 19 years have had many deployments and spent considerable time away from their families.  According to Pew Research, about 1 in 10 Veterans has been seriously injured while serving with 3/4 of those injuries occurring during combat.  That equates to 2.2 million wounded veterans in the United States.  So few have sacrificed so much for their country, freedom and protection of others.  On this weekend, we celebrate those, thank them and welcome them home.  We also pray for those that are deployed away from their families in service of our nation.

Because Veterans Day is a special day and it also coinciding with YHCs 1 year Anniversary in the F3 Nation, it only made sense for this AOQ to take this opportunity to serve the brothers of F3 Grand Strand by taking the Q.  A plan was put in place, logistics worked out, contingencies in place (An Army Ranger YHC worked with always had plan B and sometimes C). YHC tried to get an idea of HCs and put word out to select fellow PAX to bring coupons and help support for transport at the end of the beatdown.

YHC dropped off the shovel flag, ruck and coupons at the AO at 0515 and saw 2 Salty Gears PAX, Billboard and Podcast heading out…it was cold and YHC wondered how these PAX could ride in such weather.  YHC then positioned the truck at Warbird Park and went for a 1.1 mile run back to the AO where he observed an Bald Eagle (‘Merica) swoop down 5 feet in front of him with his prey in his talons.  YHC must have surprised him and he dropped the smaller bird as he hit the ground and flew back up while the smaller bird scurried away.  Wow.  As YHC got back to the AO, Rousey was waiting.  As 0545 came around, we noticed no other PAX and headed out for a ruck down to Kings Hwy and back where we saw that Weedeater joined the Salty Gears crew after also positioning his truck at Warbird Park.  That means transport was secured…no need for the contingency plan here.   Rousey and YHC made it back to the AO to observe an unknown PAX planting a shovel flag in much need of repair.  This unknown PAX, now known as Viper from Anson was also unfazed by the 36 degree weather and was wearing nothing more than a t-shirt and pair of shorts!  Salty Gears crew made it back and Podcast had to bug out but then another DR PAX, Virus from Gastonia, rolls up. Somewhere in between all this, Rousey installed a waist belt and added 10 extra pounds of weight to YHCs ruck…. Where is everyone, numbers seem much less than the normal numbers and we are missing some pieces of equipment for today but it is time to go!


1 Minute Warning


SSH x30 IC

TTT x20 IC

Cut warm up short…nothing but the actual beatdown can warm up these PAX today!

Pick up a Coupon…cinder blocks, unnamed wrestling dummy, sand bag, bucket.

Mosey to bridge.

1.3 Million Active Duty and 800,000 Reservists

Burpees x13 OYO

LBCs x80 OYO

Pick up coupons, switch them up as you like.  Mosey over the bridge.

20.4 Million Veterans

Squats x20 OYO

Burpees x4 OYO

Pick up/ switch coupons.  Mosey down towards the other bridge.

472,000 US Army Soldiers


Burpees x2 OYO

Pick up/switch coupons.  Mosey to ATM at Howard and Farrow.

184,000 US Marines

Body Builders x18 OYO

Burpees x4 OYO

Pick up/ switch coupons.  Cross the street and mosey to Toffinos.

41,000 Coast Guardsmen

Flutterkicks 4count x40 OYO

Burpee x1 OYO

Pick up/ switch coupons.  Mosey towards the beach to Victory Lane.

319,000 US Navy Sailors

Merkins x31 OYO

Burpees x9 OYO

Pick up/ switch coupons.  Mosey to Warbird Park. Finish in front of the A-10 Warthog Plane.

319,000 USAF Airmen

Lunges x31 OYO

Burpees x9 OYO

Short history lesson of the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base and the A-10 Warthog.  It is a plane built around a 30mm Cannon designed for close air support missions.  It was first deployed for combat in 1991 during the Gulf War where the A-10 pilots are credited with destroying over 900 Iraqi tanks.  Viper added that the cockpit is made of titanium and the rounds are uranium depleted armor piercing rounds and the Warthog is known as the tank killer.  This plane can take a beating and still complete its mission.  Viper added that it sounds like no other plane.  Anyone on the ground requesting close air support also loves the sound of the 30mm cannon….BRRRRRRRRRT.

A-10 / 30mm / 900 tanks

Merkins x10 OYO

Flutter Kicks 4count x30 OYO

LBCs x90 OYO

Quick and necessary picture in front of the Warthog, load coupons on the trucks and jump in for transport back to the Shovel Flag to end on time.



Announcements – Same ol’

Prayer Requests – For our Veterans and all those deployed.  Others spoken and unspoken.

Thank you to all that have served our country.  Welcome home and Happy Veterans Day! Keep those that are deployed in your prayers.  Thank you to all PAX who showed up to the first truly cold morning of the season to honor Veterans and celebrate YHCs 1st year with F3 Nation! F3 is far more than what YHC was looking for when he showed up in the gloom to a dark pot hole filled parking lot…”are you guys F3?”  Thank you to Dunphy (Lexington) and Smithers (Lake Murray) for introducing YHC to F3 at the GoRuck event.  YHC is a better person in much better physical condition that at this time last year.  Thank you all!


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