Village Bells

Village Bells

Workout Date:





Hamburglar, Penelope, Crankbait, Backdraft, Karma, Humpback, SilverBullet (DR- F3 Columbia), Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 48 degrees.  Cool for us and a big change from the 70+ we have had earlier in the week.

#TheVillage AOQ, Texas Ranger, Q’d at #Warthog on Tuesday so I returned the favor with a Q at The Village.  I like posting here whenever I can but the schedules overlap for most days.  Fridays at The Village can be a little sparse with the #Hulkmaniacs kicking back into gear.  Also, several of the #BeachBell regulars are gearing up for a GRTough, so numbers were expected to be low and AOQ Hamburglar brought the pax and some of his kettlebells up to The Village.  This was a great opportunity to introduce some iron to The Village so I changed up the planned beat down and included a healthy slice of weight circuit and a short Broga session.

1 minute warning



SSH x25

IW x20

Merkins x22

WM X15

TTT x15

LBAC x20


OHP x20

Mosey to Coupon Pile and pick up a paver.

Coupon 4 Corners around the parking lot:

Burpees x20 No Coupon

Mosey w/ Coupon Overhead

Coupon OHP x25

Mosey w/ Coupon

Reverse Lunge with Coupon x20 Each Leg

Mosey w/ Coupon Overhead

Squat Thrusters w/ Coupon x25

Return Coupons

Mosey to Flag Pole

KettleBell/Weight Circuit x2 Rounds 45 sec AMRAP/3 sec transition/rest

KB Swings

KB Clean and Thrust

Jump Rope

Plate Press

Tricep Extensions


Curls/Upright Row/Bent Over Row

Swing and Snatch

Jump Rope

Dumbell Curls

Mosey to Shovel Flag

Broga –  5 minutes

Time Called

Announcements: Nant’an handoff on Monday 0515 at Bombsqaud

Prayers: Spoken and Unspoken


Great mumble chatter today!  Thankful to Backdraft, Penelope and Hamburglar for bringing their Beach Bells up to The Village.  It was awesome to see Karma continuing to make his way to other AOs outside of Warthog!  Having Village Regulars, Crankbait and Humpback is always sweet!   It was also great to meet SilverBullet!  Hope everyone got a good workout in and enjoyed it!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

Headgear Out!


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